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5 English Hidden Gems You Need to Sign in FC 24 Career Mode

As avid FC 24 Career Mode managers scout for the next big talent, England emerges as a hotbed for young, underrated prospects.

This year’s iteration of the game has enhanced the scouting experience, offering rewards for discovering young talents similar to the excitement of getting free spins with no wagering, where the payoff is immediate and without additional requirements.

EA introduced new features in FC 24 Career Mode like Tactical Visions for aligning recruitment with club strategies, Coaches impacting player development, and revamped Training Plans. Player Career adds a Player Agent for career guidance, offering more realistic transfer opportunities and enhanced customization. Dynamic Moments in both modes add cinematic elements, making the gameplay experience more immersive.

In the world of FC 24 Career Mode, uncovering hidden gems is key to building a successful team. This year, England’s youth ranks are brimming with talent. Here are five English players whose potential and skills make them must-have additions to your squad.

1. Myles Lewis-Skelly (Arsenal)

  • Position: CM/CDM
  • Age: 16
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 57/80
  • Value: €500K
  • Key Attributes: Ball Control (61), Short Passing (61), Balance (66)

Lewis-Skelly is a rising star in Arsenal’s youth academy, known for his remarkable ball control and passing accuracy which is quite advanced for his age. His ability to maintain balance under pressure makes him adept at navigating tight spaces, making him an essential asset in midfield battles. His vision and decision-making on the field suggest a maturity beyond his years, and his potential rating indicates he could develop into a key player for any top-tier team.

2. Harvey Vale (Bristol Rovers)

  • Position: CAM/RW/LB
  • Age: 19
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 64/80
  • Value: €1.5M
  • Key Attributes: Dribbling (66), Ball Control (67), Acceleration (75)

Vale’s versatility is a significant highlight, capable of playing in various positions with ease. His agility and speed, combined with his impressive dribbling skills, make him a multifaceted threat on the field. He is especially effective in creating chances and breaking down defenses on the wing, and his acceleration makes him a constant nuisance for opposing defenders. Vale’s adaptability to different tactical setups adds immense value to any team he’s part of.

3. Bashir Humphreys (Swansea City, on loan from Chelsea)

  • Position: CB
  • Age: 20
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 65/80
  • Value: €1.6M
  • Key Attributes: Heading Accuracy (63), Standing Tackle (71), Balance (72)

Humphreys is recognized for his defensive solidity, particularly in aerial duels and one-on-one tackling. His heading accuracy makes him a formidable opponent in set-piece situations, both defensively and offensively. His physicality and ability to read the game contribute to his effectiveness as a center-back. On loan from Chelsea, his performance at Swansea City is a testament to his growing reputation as a reliable and promising defender.

4. Samuel Amo-Ameyaw (Southampton)

  • Position: LW/RW
  • Age: 16
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 60/80
  • Value: €675K
  • Key Attributes: Agility (81), Balance (84), Dribbling (64)

Amo-Ameyaw stands out for his exceptional agility and balance, which enable him to maneuver through defenses with ease. His proficiency in dribbling, combined with his pace, makes him a significant threat on the wings. He possesses the raw talent and speed to unsettle defenders and create scoring opportunities. With his high potential rating, he has the makings of a future star, capable of changing the dynamics of a game with his quick moves and sharp turns.

5. Romain Esse (Millwall)

  • Position: CAM/RM
  • Age: 18
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 60/82
  • Value: €775K
  • Key Attributes: Dribbling (67), Ball Control (67), Acceleration (77)

Esse is a technically skilled midfielder, known for his dribbling prowess and control. His ability to maintain possession under pressure and his quick acceleration make him an excellent playmaker. He excels in creating space and opportunities for his teammates, and his potential indicates that he could evolve into a creative powerhouse. His agility and speed enable him to be effective in both creating and finishing scoring chances.

These five players are poised to make significant impacts in FC 24 Career Mode. Each brings a unique set of skills that can enhance your team’s performance on the virtual pitch. Keep an eye on these talents as you aim to build a winning squad!


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