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The Best FC 24 Game Modes To Play With Your Friends

Dive into FC 24 with your friends and explore the top game modes including Online Friendlies, Co-op Seasons, Clubs, Ultimate Team Co-Op, and VOLTA. Discover how GameTree can help you find your football gaming tribe. Perfect for gamers of all levels!

Grabbing your controller, booting up FC 24, and diving into a world of football with your buddies is an unbeatable way to spend your gaming time. Whether you’re all about friendly banter over casual matches or getting serious in competitive leagues, FC 24 has got something for everyone. Let’s take a stroll through the coolest modes that’ll make your gaming sessions legendary.

How To Find Friends to Play FC 24 With?

So, you’re pumped to play but need more mates who share your FC 24 obsession? But how do you find like-minded gamers ready to join your squad? We highly recommend you to look through GameTree – the number one LFG (Looking for Group) gaming app where gamers find new pals, games, news, and events.

It’s like a social network for gamers. You pop in your gaming likes, dislikes, and maybe how seriously you take your football, and bam – you get matched with potential gaming friends who dig the same stuff as you. It’s a game-changer for rounding up your squad. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

5 Killer FC 24 Modes to Play with Your Crew

FC 24 isn’t just another football game; it’s a gateway to various play styles and fun times. Here are the top 5 modes you and your friends gotta try:

Online Friendlies

This is your go-to for straightforward, no-fuss fun. Challenge your buddy to a 1v1 match, pick your teams, and let the goals decide the winner. It’s perfect for settling debates on who’s the best player or just having a laugh. Plus, tracking your wins and goals over time adds a bit of spice to the rivalry.

Seasons or Co-op Seasons

Ready to prove yourselves? In Seasons mode, you start at the bottom and aim to climb to the top division. But if teamwork is your thing, Co-op Seasons lets you and a friend join forces. Starting halfway up the ladder in Division 5, you’ll work together to reach the top. It’s all about that climb and the glory that comes with reaching Division 1.


Think you’ve got what it takes to manage a football club? Clubs mode lets you and up to 21 friends create your team, design your kit, and take on the world. It’s like being in your football fantasy, managing everything from tactics to team celebrations. Whether you’re all about serious strategy or just want to have a ball, Clubs mode is where it’s at.

Ultimate Team Co-Op

For those who love collecting and competing, Ultimate Team Co-Op combines the best of both worlds. Team up with a mate, merge your Ultimate Teams, and challenge others in various competitions. It’s a cool way to see how your squad stacks up and adds a layer of strategy as you figure out the best team combinations.


Craving something a bit different? VOLTA takes football to the streets, offering a fresh, fast-paced take on the game. It’s about flashy moves, quick matches, and the pure joy of football. Grab a friend, form a team, and dive into the vibrant world of street football. It’s a blast for anyone looking for a break from the traditional pitch battles.

Wrapping It Up

FC 24 brings friends together like no other game, offering a mix of modes that cater to every type of football fan. Whether you’re in it for the laughs, the competition, or the love of the game, there’s always something new to explore and enjoy. And with tools like GameTree, finding friends to share these moments with has never been easier.

So grab your controller, rally your friends, and dive into the beautiful game of FC 24. Who knows? You might just become football legends in your own right.

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