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All Set for the 2024 eChampions League Finals

The 2024 edition of eChampions League heated up over the weekend as the best players in the world fought hard for a place in the final. The stakes were high, and the action was intense in Europe’s top FC 24 esports tournament, with surprising upsets in the knockout stages in London.

As the competition progressed, only the very best came to the final, the top players gearing up for an ultimate showdown on Wednesday, May 29, in which they can grab a prize of $75,000 out of the pool prize of $280,000. Bookmaker predictions are adding to the excitement as all is set for an unforgettable final in front of a live audience.

Intense Knockout Stage Action

The knockout stage kicked off on Saturday, one week after the group stages concluded. Players returned to London with hopes of advancing to the final round. Day 1 saw fierce battles, beginning with the second and third seeds facing off in the playoffs for a spot in the round of 16.

  • KeturDylo vs. HHezerS: KeturDylo started the day with a stunning 7-3 victory over Serie A champion HHezerS, capitalizing on every mistake his opponent made.
  • Montaxer vs. Marley: Montaxer pulled off an impressive comeback from two goals down to win 4-3 against Marley, securing victory with a late corner goal.
  • Fouma vs. DaniPitbull: In a thrilling match, eLigue 1 champion Fouma faced DaniPitbull. Despite both players showcasing their attacking prowess, DaniPitbull emerged victorious with a 6-4 win.
  • Bonanno vs. Rikhard11: Bonanno demonstrated resilience, overturning a 3-0 halftime deficit to win in extra time against Rikhard11.
  • Umut vs. Ekmenn94: Red Bull Leipzig star Umut was shocked by Ekmenn94, who secured a 6-3 victory.
  • Riptorek vs. Andonii: Riptorek narrowly defeated Andonii in a 5-4 thriller.
  • Luco Negua vs. Feldman: Torino CF’s Luco Negua convincingly beat Feldman 4-1.
  • DFernandes vs. Isopowerr: Cadiz CF’s DFernandes edged out Isopowerr with a 6-5 victory.

Sunday’s matches continued the excitement as 16 players competed for a spot in the finals.

  • PHzin vs. Montaxer: The day’s biggest upset saw FC Pro Open winner PHzin fall to Montaxer, who won 4-1 after an impressive second-half performance.
  • Jonas “Jonny” Wirth vs. KeturDylo: Jonny Wirth continued his remarkable run with a narrow 2-1 win over KeturDylo.
  • Bonanno vs. Levi de Weerd: Bonanno dominated early, taking a 4-0 lead, but held on to win 4-3 despite Levi’s late comeback.
  • NKantee vs. DaniPitbull: In a dramatic encounter, DaniPitbull won 4-3 after a last-minute penalty caused by a poor tackle from NKantee.
  • Emre Yilmaz vs. Riptorek: Defending champion Emre Yilmaz showcased his title-retaining ambitions with a solid 2-0 victory over Riptorek.
  • ManuBachoore vs. Ekmenn94: ManuBachoore emerged victorious in a close 5-3 battle.
  • LevyFinn vs. Luco Negua: LevyFinn triumphed 5-3 over Luco Negua.
  • DFernandes vs. Neat: DFernandes secured his place in the finals by defeating Neat on penalties.

The Finalists

After two days of fierce competition, eight players have advanced to the eChampions League final. The finalists, who will vie for the title in London on Wednesday, May 29, are:

  1. Montaxer
  2. Jonas “Jonny” Wirth
  3. Bonanno
  4. DaniPitbull
  5. Emre Yilmaz
  6. ManuBachoore
  7. LevyFinn
  8. DFernandes

Upcoming Finals

The eChampions League final will be held at the Magazine London, with tickets already on sale. The winner will walk away with a grand prize of $75,000 from a total prize pool of $280,000. The anticipation builds as fans and players alike look forward to an electrifying finale.

Stay tuned for more updates and highlights as we approach the much-awaited final showdown in London.

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