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We’ve got our hands on the first screens of FIFA 13 and many other information about the features that the upcoming FIFA will have.

In our first article about FIFA 13 we’ve told you about that secret showcase that EA Sports held in London last month.Well in that showcase EA Sports released the first details about FIFA 13 and the very first set of screens:

(The screen were made in an early beta version of FIFA 13)

At the showcase,the main producer David Rutter,told to his guests that FIFA 13 will have 5 major improvements and we will list them bellow:

  • First Touch Control

One of the first things to do at FIFA 13 was to implement a more realistic ball control.Now it will be more difficult to control a receiving ball with your player.It all depends on the strength, the speed, the ball height and the technical skills of your player to achieve the control of the ball and run with it.

  • Player Impact

Another feature that got improved is the player impact engine.There will be no more unrealistic animations in the players challenges!The engine has been optimized and new a set of impact values ​​has been added at the hip and the upper body area.

  • Complete Dribble

In FIFA 12 you could dribble just by changing direction,in FIFA 13 this won’t be possible anymore!

  • Tactical Free-Kicks

The free-kicks got a new free kick system.Up to three players can now gather around the ball and make fun of the opponent’s defense and goalie. You can now feint a direct shot and adjust it to a player who comes off the wall. Also the defense set pieces have been improved to go with the new free kick system.For example, you can make a defensive team with more players into the wall and send out a player to block the ball.

  • Attacking AI

The offensive Artificial Intelligence got a huge improvement. The CPU-controlled players got better running routes and better guessing options of where you pass the ball.Also the strikers are smarter and move with the offside line of your defenders,waiting to receive the ball and run with it towards your goal post.

Beside all of these improvements,David Rutter still wants to make other upgrades to the game such as, new passing types,new shot rotation moves and new goalkeeper animations.Also the cheering animations have been adjusted to the current football atmosphere.One last thing he really wants to improve is the referee!

Source: game2gether

The graphics in FIFA 13 will also have a big update after EA Sports adopted the new Dimensional Imaging software to boost player likeness!Full article here.

At GameStop.co.uk the release date for FIFA 13 was unveiled.As you can see in the next screen the date is 29/09/2012!

Source: GameStop

Please share your thoughts about this article bellow and tell us what other features you hope to see in FIFA 13?

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  1. Simply awesome news, but considering the graphics on this first pics, it doesn’t seem to be something that changed radically comparing to FIFA 12. Hope they’ll improve!

  2. If I can run FIFA 12 on high,max resolution, will i be able to play the 13? Im asking because of this new Dimensional Imaging.

  3. Alexis has face meanwhile Marcelo still doesn’t have one.
    C’mon EA Marcelo is beast :)))

  4. fifa 13 will be fifa 12 improved and that’s all

  5. These are all great news, but what I’ve missed and I hope will get improved is the transfer window. Too many unrealistic transfers. Also, IMHO, smaller clubs should have a harder time holding out to their leaders. Especialy young super stars, who should be looking onto the chances of playing in bigger clubs.

  6. anyone knows if it will be on the PlayStation 2?

  7. will it have champions league>??????

  8. did you notice that di maria has his hair unlike fifa 12 he had high mohawk and in the wall his is low this must mean that he has his face on it

  9. there should be a champions league in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Champions League, for goodness sake, can it be so hard, you have the complete game, yet you avoid the whole champions league question? come on, give PES the barclays and add UEFA CL!

  11. I think fifa 13 will suck

  12. there should be an option to change the sponsors and also the should change every season as they do in reality

  13. So i installed Sweat , LOD and adabords with Graphic Switcher 12, as well as some international facepacks (i.e. v7 and 8). I regenerate with i68 2.1.1 selecting the 1st option. Game crashes after Internet Check. I then regenerate with 3rd option and it works. Only problem is that the players wihtout real faces dont get their faces changed.For instance Fabregas and Dos Santos get their new face, but Cavani, Cleverley or Javi Martinez stay with their FIFA faces I suppose it’s because i select the 3rd option , but i can’t get it to work when i regenerate with the first option I ve also tried starting it many times like you suggested Damien

  14. Please put malaysian league and national team

  15. Champions league please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. FIFA 13 with the new updates sounds GREAT

    ohh and the person who ( said fifa 13 will be fifa 12 improved and that’s all ) umm isnt that the same with every other FIFA !!??? ofcourse FIFA 13 is an improvement from FIFA 12 just like 11 was to 10 ??

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