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6 Wonderkids from Small Football Nations to Sign in FC 24 Career Mode

In the latest iteration of EA SPORTS FC 24 Career Mode, scouting for hidden talents from smaller football nations can offer unique advantages and satisfaction. Here, the focus shifts from the usual football powerhouses to the hidden corners of the globe, where young talents await their chance to shine on the international stage. 

Today, we spotlight six wonderkids who hail from countries less renowned on the global football stage but possess the potential to become stars in your squad.

1. Alexander Paulsen (New Zealand)

  • Position: GK
  • Age: 20
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 67/81
  • Value: €2.1M
  • Club: Wellington Phoenix


The New Zealander offers more than just the basic duties of a goalkeeper. His agility and quick reflexes make him adept at stopping shots from various angles, and his proficiency in kicking allows for effective distribution, setting the foundation for counter-attacks. A promising talent for teams prioritizing a keeper who can contribute to playmaking from the back.

Paulsen stands out with his reflexes (71) and kicking (68), making him a reliable last line of defense. His release clause of €3.9M is a bargain for a goalkeeper destined for greatness.

2. Alessandro Circati (Australia)

  • Position: CB
  • Age: 19
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 64/81
  • Value: €1.4M
  • Club: Parma

Alessandro Circati embodies the modern centre-back with his blend of physical dominance and technical ability. His height and jumping ability make him a threat in aerial duels, while his tackling ensures defensive solidity. The Australian’s style suits teams looking for a defender capable of neutralizing aerial threats and contributing to building play from the back.

His emergence as a promising talent in football mirrors the growing interest in online gambling in Australia, where enthusiasts are increasingly looking for skilled and strategic engagements.

With notable strengths in standing tackle (69) and strength (68), Circati is a formidable presence in defense for a low rated club.

3. Yankuba Minteh (Gambia)

  • Position: RW/LW
  • Age: 18
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 69/85
  • Value: €3.5M
  • Club: Feyenoord

Yankuba Minteh is a dynamic winger whose pace and dribbling can terrorize defenses. His ability to accelerate quickly and maintain ball control at high speeds makes him ideal for teams that rely on fast transitions and wing play. Minteh’s flair and agility allow him to create opportunities and take on defenders, making him a valuable asset for attacking strategies.

The Gambian is a speed demon with exceptional acceleration (94) and agility (92), and has a market value of €3.5M.

4. Abdukodir Khusanov (Uzbekistan)

  • Position: CB
  • Age: 19
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 69/81
  • Value: €3.1M
  • Club: RC Lens

Abdukodir Khusanov combines the robustness required for defensive duties with the agility to adapt to fast-paced games. His exceptional strength and tackling skills make him a formidable opponent in physical battles, and his height gives him an advantage in set pieces. Teams needing a versatile defender who can contribute both defensively and in initiating attacks will find Khusanov a perfect fit.

Khusanov’s physicality (strength 80) and defensive acumen (standing tackle 69) make him a rock at the back. His potential and affordable release clause of €6.5M make him a must-buy if funds are available.

5. Grant-Leon Ranos (Armenia)

  • Position: ST
  • Age: 19
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 63/80
  • Value: €1.3M
  • Club:Borussia Mönchengladbach

Grant-Leon Ranos is not just a goal scorer, but also a creator. His ability to find the back of the net from various positions, coupled with his knack for bending shots, makes him a dual threat. Ranos fits into teams that need a forward capable of making the most out of half-chances and who can also drop deeper to link up play.

Ranos is known for his finishing (67) and agility (71), essential for a striker. His potential growth and reasonable release clause offer great value.

6. Gvidas Gineitis (Lithuania)

  • Position: CM/CDM
  • Age: 19
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 61/80
  • Value: €850K
  • Club: Torino FC

Gvidas Gineitis offers a mix of defensive resilience and offensive capability, making him a well-rounded midfielder. His stamina and strength enable him to cover large areas of the pitch, while his passing range allows him to transition play from defense to attack seamlessly. Gineitis is ideal for teams seeking a midfielder who can contribute to both defensive duties and offensive build-up.

A midfielder with a balance of short passing (67) and long shots (68), Gineitis provides versatility and depth to any midfield unit.

These wonderkids represent the untapped potential lying in smaller football nations, ready to be discovered in FC 24 Career Mode. Their affordable value combined with impressive potential makes them ideal candidates for clubs looking to build a future-proof squad.

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