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.:: International Face Pack Update V.21 ::.

A new face pack is up for download today,thanks to nimnim who made 16 new faces for the next players:

– Gerrard (Liverpool)
– Henderson (Liverpool)
– van der Vaart (Tottenham)

– Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal)
– Giroud (Arsenal)
– Torres (Chelsea)
– Rooney (Manchester United)
– Kagawa (Manchester United)
– Cabaye (Newcastle)
– Jordi Alba (Barcelona)
– Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
– Pepe (Real Madrid)
– Reus (Borussia Dortmund)
– Menez (PSG)
– Martin (Lille)
– Nagatomo (Inter Milan)

Read the “Read Me” file to install all faces correctly!

Note: Now inside the Read Me file you can find the special codes to install this face pack with Revolution Mod 12!

* You cannot re-upload this patch!You can redistribute this patch only and only using the link of the post! *

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  1. Thanks so much, especially for Martin, Cabaye, Giroud and Menéz.)

  2. Hi!!! I need some help to install this faces pack. I always reading readme file so closely but i cant install it…. Can anyone install faces for me per teamwiever?

  3. ronaldo looks shity 😀

  4. guys,how to make a game face,do u guys using some programme for this or?i wanted to make Goran Pandev face for Napoli.thanks

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