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FC Pro – Everything To Know About EA’s New Esports Ecosystem

As the curtains close on EA’s partnership with FIFA, out goes the FIFA Global Series, a platform that once let players duel it out on the grand esports stage. But don’t hit pause just yet! EA is hitting the reset button with their spanking new franchise, bringing FC Pro to the esports arena.

FC Pro is where the elite battle it out in 1v1 clashes, spotlighting top-notch players as they dribble their way to the coveted FC Pro World Championships. The game’s on with a simplified schedule and a VIP pass to the World Championships for the crème de la crème from EA and League Partner showdowns like ePremier League or eLaLiga. Let’s joystick dive into what the program holds.

The New Format

The FC Pro quest kicks off with a global bash known as the FC Pro Open, rolling out right from game launch all the way to February. Our esports gladiators will weave through a tournament maze to a weekly fiesta over a span of eight weeks. And fret not if you don’t make the cut; online Regional Qualifiers are still on the table!

As we sprint from February to April, local face-offs via FC Pro Leagues will spawn national champions, stamping their ticket to the FC Pro World Championships. This leg of the journey also opens the scouting gates for clubs to snag the best players to don their colors in the national tourneys.

The grand finale, FC Pro World Championships in June, will be the ultimate esports showdown. The top four hotshots from FC Pro Open and the elite from FC Pro Leagues will vie in a 32-player royal rumble to snag the World Champion title of EA SPORTS FC 24.

With the rise of the new ecosystem, fans will also be able to place bets on their favorite teams and players via the soccer Betway platform with just a few clicks. Adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the competition.

The Details

With over 50,000 players from every corner of the globe, FC Pro Open is the ticket to the big league, starting with in-game tussles in Ultimate Team Champions /Rivals. Climb the FC Pro Open Ladder in a 1v1 clash with a live leaderboard keeping score. A heads-up for the console warriors – this season, the FC Pro battles will be played exclusively on PlayStation 5.

During the initial phase of the competition, gamers can say goodbye to the two-legged format in the Competitive Game Mode, as it’s all about single-leg matches with nine-minute halves now. But that’s not all, there’s a massive game-changer: all 3 and 5 at-the-back formations are prohibited in all FC Pro competitions.

In the FC Pro Open Regional Qualifiers, regional ladder victors will duke it out in online regional qualifiers over a weekend. Through Swiss rounds and a double elimination bracket, the best will rise to the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier. Depending on the region, mark your calendars for either 14-15 October or 21-22 October.

Fast-forward to November 10, and it’s the FC Pro Global Qualifier setting London ablaze. A lineup of 52 regional qualifiers and 12 invited players will clash in a Swiss format, with the top 32 advancing to knockout rounds. The elite 16 will march on to the FC Pro Open, while the rest will share a cool $180,000 from the prize pool.

The FC Pro Open will see the 16 champions from the Global Qualifier join forces with 4 directly qualified players, making it a total of 20 players in the ring. Split into four groups, the competition spans from late November to late January 2024, with the top two from each group moving up to the FC Pro Open Championship.

The FC Pro Open is not just about the now – it’s about securing a seat in the future FC Pro Opens, with tiers of qualification based on your final standing. And the stakes are high with a $500,000 prize pool, ranging from a whopping $80,000 for the 1st place to $10,000 for the 17th to 20th place.

For those with eyes still on the prize, the FC Pro Open Ladder reopens in November and December for a shot at the monthly regional tournaments. With $320,000 up for grabs across all Regional Cup competitions, it’s a second shot at glory.

Between February to April, FC Pro Leagues is where the world tunes in. League Partner competitions will paint the global stage, letting players wave their club flags on the virtual pitch. Keep your eyes peeled as FC Pro League Partners spill the beans on these competitions as the season kickstarts.

The Grand Final

The FC Pro World Championship is not just another game day, it’s an event of its own! This is EA’s maiden voyage into hosting a World Championship event where all players fight for the FC Pro trophy and a slice of a jaw-dropping $1 million prize pool.

More news on the grand final is coming our way soon.

Viewership Rewards Are Back

But wait, there’s more! FC Pro Live esports events in Ultimate Team 24 have got some sweet viewership rewards up for grabs. Now tucked under Objectives instead of the Swaps section of the SBC menu, it’s a breeze to check out and jump into upcoming events and snag the rewards.

Your rewards are now a game of watch-and-win, based on the hours you clock in viewing each event. Claim your spoils via the Objectives hub in Ultimate Team post-event, say goodbye to token submissions in SBC. These are basically bonuses for watching live games similar to the ones on the soccer Betway platform.

The new FC Pro ecosystem is ready to redefine the esports landscape. It’s not just about the glory, it’s about being part of gaming history.

EA SPORTS FC 24 is playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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