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.:: Adidas UCL Replica Match Ball 11/12 ::.

Darxxx have finally finished the UEFA Champions League Replica Match Ball for the 11/12 season!The ball is ready to be downloaded and introduced in FIFA 12,so hurry up and get it:

The patch contains the realistic Adidas UCL ball for the 11/12 season.



* You cannot re-upload this patch!You can redistribute this patch only and only using the link of the post! *

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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. and Europa League 2011/2012 ball when ? 😀
    also thx for this!Good job!

  2. my bad now I saw that it was already postet 😛

  3. How can I install this?

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    Just run the setup.

  5. please can you make the instalation of Europa League ball as easy as this one?I really want the ball and when I try to run Fifa Textude Editor it gives me a error…and I have win 7,64-bits..so please make the install easier like UCL ball

  6. When I install this, will I still be able to play my career savegames and can I still play online?

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    @Dragos: I will update the patch with a setup file by tomorrow.

    @Wesjuh: Regenerate with the 3rd option (last one) of the regenerator and you can play online and continue career mode without any problems.

  8. thx a lot..Fifa Infinity RULLZ!:D

  9. Damien,when you will update the patch with a setup file?

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    @Dragos: Mate you can download now the EL ball,it has been updated with a setup file!Sorry for the delay!Enjoy it!

  11. Hello. I have one simple questions. Does this ball apply to the Champions League tournament ONLY, or do I have to apply it as my default game ball in the FIFA 12 options? Thanks in advance!

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    The patch replaces a Generic EA Ball.You can choose it before any game by yourself.

  13. i really like your site , thank you again ,,,,

    a sad salute from the occupation land , Palestine.

  14. Does anyone else have this issue?

    The ball image is there when I select what ball to use,
    but in the actual game its just basic Ea sports ball.
    Did I install it wrong or what?

    Or should it go further in like
    programfilesx86\Origingames\Fifa12\data ?

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    Delete this file ball_46 from …\FIFA 12\Game\data\ui\artAssets\settingsimg\ and afterwards regenerate.It should fix your problem!

  16. can you use it on ps3?
    yes : how?
    no : you have a link for mods of ps3?

  17. Avatar photo

    It’s not possible to make mods for console.

  18. hello, how did you change the image of the ball? (not the texture) Because I’ve tried but I can not. In fact I have Nike balls with the image of EA’s balls -.-.

  19. Can these patches be put on ps3? If so, how?

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    No it’s not possible.

  21. can any body tell me where to install the patch

  22. Um.. i downloaded it and the icon its just a blank paper picture, i cant put it in my PS3

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