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Luke Didd is pleased to announce that you can now download the FIFA 10 PC demo from here:

English, French, Italian, Germany and Spanish Demo Version here: http://static.cdn.ea.com/fifa/u/f/fifa10_pc_demo_ec.exe

Russian, Czech, Hungarian and Polish Demo Version here: http://static.cdn.ea.com/fifa/u/f/fifa10_pc_demo_ee.exe

Note: When extracting the demo from its folder, please ensure you choose you folder to extract to, in order to keep the demo install tidy. This will be done by selection your destination folder.


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  1. does fifa 10 will hve the xbox360 and ps3 skills in pc and realism . because fifa in console are best compare to pc version . if they dont bring it . then tere is nothing new in fifa for pc

  2. Avatar photo

    nope mate!fifa 10 is still current gen,maybe next year we will have the next gen version for PC but only maybe 😉

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