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FIFA 10 Gameplay Innovations Blog

Many of you would have seen the improvements being made to the gameplay engine in FIFA 10 PC from the news being released from the media following our European media tour, which took us FIFA Producers to London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Munich, Warsaw and Moscow. Some of you who read the forums would have seen some details that I have been sharing with you over there.

Throughout the development of FIFA 10 PC I have been saying that our focus for FIFA 10 PC was the gameplay engine and to deliver a game that you would all enjoy playing. You have also heard me say that FIFA 10 PC is not NG or CG but that we were focusing on bringing some of the best bits from NG to PC and taking the PC in its own direction. I hope that reading the blog will illustrate some of the ways in which we are doing this.
We have been approaching the development of the FIFA PC gameplay engine with 2 main focuses in mind, Gameplay Innovation and developing the Core Gameplay. This blog will cover off details of our Gameplay Innovations.

Game Play Innovation
This year we really wanted to change the way you played FIFA 10 PC. In order to do this we had to change the way you play and control the game and also change the way the AI plays against you. Looking at our Gameplay engine with this in mind gave us our 5 gameplay innovations that are unique to FIFA 10.

First off all, we’re pleased to announce the inclusion of 360⁰ Dribbling and 360⁰ defensive Movement for FIFA 10 PC.

Our complete list of gameplay innovations are:
1. 360⁰ dribbling
2. 360⁰ defensive movement
3. AI Team Styles
4. Custom Team Styles
5. Scout Report

360⁰ dribbling
Those of you experienced with FIFA 09, are fully aware that the players could only move in 8 directions. This actually restricted movement to Up, Down, Left, Right and the Diagonals in between, and for those who noticed it, it made for a somewhat frustrating and unrealistic experience. With 360⁰ Dribbling you now have the freedom to move using all 360⁰ angles, which gives you the freedom to move anywhere you want. This is the first time this is being offered in any football game and means that you will have a much smoother and fluid experience. With the right amount of practice you will be able to dribbling around players like never before. Dribbling is not the only benefit you will get from 360⁰ Dribbling, it now makes passing much more realistic and controllable. Basically you will find yourself making passes not possible before simply because you can now point to anyone on the pitch.

360⁰ Defensive Movement
Like 360⁰ Dribbling, the 360⁰ Defensive Movement allows all off the ball players the freedom to move and defend using 360⁰ awareness. This makes for more accurate slide tackles (being able to pick the exact angle of the challenges), more shoulder to shoulder defending (subtle movements allow you to press against shoulders more easily), and ability to chase and close down opponents.

Team Styles (CPU)
All CPU Team’s will use 26 different team styles, 9 attacking, 5 defensive and 12 team specific plays. I will be writing a blog going into specific details but here is a list of the attacking and defensive styles:

Attacking team styles
– Wingplay
– Target Man
– Counter Attack
– Attacking Full backs
– Total Football
– The Hole
– Box Overload
– Side Overload
– 3rd Man Release
Defensive Team Styles
– Offside Trap
– Pressing
– Zonal Marking
– Flat Back
– Clearance (Long ball)
– Man Marking (as per FIFA 09)

Custom Team Styles
Like CPU team styles, I will be writing a blog on this. However, the user will be able to use a combination of the 9 attacking and 5 defensive styles, as seen above, to create their preferred playing styles. Use these styles to your advantage.

Scout Report
Full details of the scout report will also be in the Team Style blog, but to give you a quick insight the scout report will provide information on the Team style, formation and key players.

The Gameplay innovations are only part of what we have in store for you in FIFA 10. Over the coming weeks and months I will be putting together blogs on Core Gameplay, Team Styles, Online Refinements and Game Modes.

I’m looking forward to reading your feedback on what we’ve been doing for FIFA 10.


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