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Is it Time for the EA Sports FC Franchise to Expand Into Other Media?

Now that EA Sports FC has superseded FIFA, it could be time for the series to expand and become an even greater behemoth than what existed before. FIFA was already one of the most successful console franchises ever, but it could still move to a higher level.

EA Sports FC could now opt for the modern franchise model to boost its fame. This would involve breaking out into games on different platforms and a television series or film.

EA Sports FC Can Grow After Shedding FIFA Ties

The FIFA game series came to an end in 2023 after a 30-year partnership between EA Sports and the international football brand. The classic console offerings from the Californian publisher have continued, only without the branding of football’s famous governing body.

This transition hasn’t been an issue for players, with much of what makes the games so well-loved remaining the same. It could be argued that the switch is good news for people who love the football simulation, as it will allow it to branch out in its own directions.

In the past, the FIFA games had to be careful to adhere to FIFA’s rules and be realistic representations of the sport. Now, there’s the opportunity to bring in new elements without having to worry about appeasing the governing body. This could mean that it’s the perfect opportunity for EA Sports FC to grow into something new and improved.

Offerings on Other Platforms Could Be the Way Forward

As the technological age has progressed and more ways of gaming have come about, the FIFA franchise has also evolved. There have been various mobile apps over the last few years that have helped to tap into the booming smartphone industry. This has highlighted how there are ways to market the game to different types of players.

The next step could be to break into the booming online casino industry to corner this demographic as well. Among the best online slots in the UK, there are various football titles. These include offerings like Football Finals and Football Star. With a high interest in the sport in the sector, an EA Sports FC game could be a hit.

There’s also the possibility of adapting the EA Sports FC games into virtual reality. VR is set to be the next major platform, with projections expecting it to be an essential household item by 2030. VR versions of EA Sports FC could be massively successful.

An EA Sports FC television series could be an excellent way to get the franchise in front of the bustling streaming crowd. There are already countless series based on football on Netflix and Amazon, and one that centres on gamers could be a hit as well. There could even be a fictional series about an EA Sports FC player.

Now is the perfect time for EA Sports FC to become bigger and better than ever before. By leveraging the modern franchise model, the football series can reach audiences in markets that it has never entered before.

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