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Top Mobile Football Games of 2024

Mobile football games have advanced significantly, offering a variety of features and gameplay experiences. From building and managing your own team to engaging in quick matches, these games cater to different preferences. Here’s an overview of some of the top football games available for mobile in 2024.

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Dream League Soccer 2024

Dream League Soccer 2024 places you right in the heart of the action with its latest updates and features. This game allows you to build your dream team from over 4,000 FIFPRO licensed players. The game boasts full 3D motion-captured player moves, immersive in-game commentary, and extensive team customizations.

Rise through 8 divisions and more than 10 cup competitions as you perfect your team’s style and climb to the top. Dream League Soccer 2024 offers both single-player and online multiplayer modes, allowing you to compete globally in Dream League Live.

Key Features:

  • Over 4,000 FIFPRO licensed players.
  • 3D motion-captured animations.
  • Customizable team kits and logos.
  • Global leaderboards and regular events.


Formerly known as FIFA Mobile, EA SPORTS FC Mobile offers a comprehensive football experience on your mobile device. This game lets you train and build your dream team from top players like Erling Haaland and Virgil van Dijk.

With over 15,000 fully licensed players and 30+ leagues, you can manage teams from popular leagues and participate in the UEFA Champions League. The dynamic game speed and elite shooting system provide a realistic football experience, making it a must-play for fans.

Key Features:

  • 15,000+ licensed players and 30+ leagues.
  • Dynamic game speed and elite shooting system.
  • True player personality and realistic animations.
  • League and PvP matches with friends.

eFootball 2024

eFootball 2024 continues to evolve from its PES roots, offering a next-generation football gaming experience. You can build your dream team from top clubs and national teams worldwide. The game includes various ways to sign players and managers, from current superstars to legendary figures.

Enjoy matches against AI or real players, and participate in division-based leagues and weekly events. eFootball 2024 also supports cooperative matches, allowing for up to 3 vs 3 play.

Key Features:

  • Extensive player and manager signing options.
  • Division-based leagues and weekly events.
  • Cooperative matches up to 3 vs 3.
  • Detailed player development and progression.

Top Eleven 2024

Top Eleven 2024 is a highly immersive football management game where you manage every aspect of your soccer club. From signing superstar players to building your stadium, you control your team’s destiny. This game offers live 3D matches, daily training sessions, and real-time PvP fixtures. Join millions of other managers worldwide in a quest to become the best.

Key Features:

  • Real-time 3D matches and daily training.
  • Extensive player auctions and transfers.
  • Customizable team kits and stadiums.
  • Regular live events and special sponsor battle pass.

Score! Hero

Score! Hero is perfect for those who enjoy puzzle-inspired gameplay with realistic 3D action. Guide your hero through hundreds of levels, unlocking new challenges and customizing your player’s appearance.

The game’s intuitive controls and engaging scenarios make it easy to pick up and hard to put down.

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of levels with unique scenarios.
  • Customizable hero appearance.
  • Enhanced 3D graphics and animations.
  • Simple pick-up-and-play mechanics.

Score! Match – PvP Soccer

Join millions of players in Score! Match, a real-time multiplayer football game. Captain your team and compete in various arenas and events. The game’s addictive and fast-paced gameplay, along with regular rewards and upgrades, ensures endless fun.

Key Features:

  • Real-time 1v1 matches.
  • Regular seasons and events.
  • Collect and upgrade unique player types.
  • Stunning 3D graphics and animations.

Football Strike: Online Soccer

Football Strike offers quick, action-packed free-kick face-offs in multiplayer mode. Customize your striker and goalkeeper, travel through different stadiums, and conquer various challenges. The game’s simple yet competitive nature makes it a favorite among football fans.

Key Features:

  • Multiplayer free-kick face-offs.
  • Extensive Career Mode.
  • Customizable player appearances.
  • Fast-paced gameplay.

OSM 23/24 – Soccer Game

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) lets you manage your favorite football team from real leagues and clubs worldwide. Control your team’s formation, transfers, and training, and compete against friends in the same league. This game is perfect for those who love the strategic aspect of football management.

Key Features:

  • Real leagues, clubs, and players.
  • Detailed team management and tactics.
  • Competitive matches against friends.
  • Engaging match simulations.

Total Football

Total Football aims to deliver a comprehensive and realistic football experience on mobile. With advanced AI, console-level graphics, and 3D motion-captured movements, this game brings the essence of the beautiful game to your fingertips. Customize your team and compete in various modes and events.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced AI and realistic gameplay.
  • Console-level graphics and 3D animations.
  • Extensive customization options.
  • Various game modes and community events.

Football League 2024

Football League 2024 offers a total soccer experience with over 100 national teams and 330 clubs. The game’s responsive controls and realistic physics provide an immersive gameplay experience. Compete in international tournaments, develop your players, and build your dream team.

Key Features:

  • Over 100 national teams and 330 clubs.
  • Responsive controls and realistic physics.
  • International and club tournaments.
  • Fully customizable tactics and formations.

Retro Goal

Retro Goal combines arcade soccer action with team management, inspired by the 16-bit era. Recruit players, manage your team, and enjoy fast-paced gameplay with retro graphics. This game is perfect for those who love nostalgic football games with modern touches.

Key Features:

  • Arcade soccer action with team management.
  • Retro-inspired graphics.
  • Simple and intuitive controls.
  • Recruit and manage your team.

Real Football

Real Football provides a rich 3D football experience with detailed stadiums and realistic player movements. Build your dream team, upgrade facilities, and compete in asynchronous PvP matches. The game’s immersive graphics and challenging AI make it a standout option for mobile football gaming.

Key Features:

  • Detailed 3D stadiums and realistic movements.
  • Team building and facility upgrades.
  • Asynchronous PvP matches.
  • Engaging and challenging gameplay.

Whether you’re a strategic manager or a quick match enthusiast, there’s a mobile football game for you. Dive into these top football games of 2024 and experience the excitement of the beautiful game right on your smartphone.

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