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.:: Barcelona 10/11 Kitpack ::.

imagebam.comToday we have a new kitpack for the 10/11 season! Tima55 made up the Barcelona kits and fonts and also with the help of his team mate The Clau,the minikits! You can check the screen above to see the ingame kits!


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  1. At first I thought ‘cool’ the game punishes teams for overspending’ but when I tried selling players to bring the debt down the figure stayed the same. Of course, one quick trip to the EA forums confirmed it was yet another major bug. Fifa 09 froze completely at a certain stage in Manager Mode as ‘there were too many trannsfers for the game to deal with’ according to an EA man. That makes no sense. Theres a billion teams in the game, EA is a big enough and rich enough bunch of developers to get rid of shit like that before release. What’s even more shocking is the lack of support post release. Fifa 10 to date has released ONE patch and even that was just to rectify team kits and other irregularities. Fans are constantly screaming on the Fifa forums for answers yet no-one from EA bothers answering.

  2. istale fifa 11 en mi pc una laptop hp 530 celeron M, tengo
    1 giga de memoria ram, y al darle jugar al juego me dice error
    E0001 y e consultado soluciones como cambiar la resolucion, etc, y nada funciona que mas puedo hacer.

  3. cambie la configuracion y lo inicio desde fifaconfig y no de la carpeta game ni de acceso directo esoy desesperado porfavor ayudenme co mi problema

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