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Official Game Modes & Features for FIFA 11 on PC


The producer of FIFA 11,Ian Jarvis,confirmed the official game modes and features that will be on the PC version of FIFA 11!Bellow you can see the full list of them:

Online Features:

  • Head to Head (1v1)
  • Online Lobbies: The ability to search and play against others around the world based on geographic location, skill level, game type, ranked, unranked etc)
  • Online Team Play: (up to 5v5)
  • LAN Multiplayer: Announced previously but again, the ability to play up to 5v5 online but WITHOUT the need to connect to EA servers.
  • Pro Club Championship: Create or join a club and compete for glory against people from around the world as you and your mates climb the rankings. Cool part is using your Virtual Pro in this mode.
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Online Player Hub: Friends list, inbox, etc. Great for matchmaking.
  • EASPORTSfootball Integration: Gameface, avatar, points, accomplishments, etc.

Game Modes:

  • Manager Mode
  • Be A Pro: Seasons
  • Tournament Mode

Ian said that this year Manager Mode for PC is a bug free version of the FIFA 10 console version and over 65 bugs have been fixed and other improvements have been made!We need to remember that the game isn’t finished yet!The status is at 90% and other improvements will be made!

More gameplay videos will come out soon!So stay tuned!

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  1. as a cost to FIFA 11 on PC? waiting for reply as soon Thank you

    -no speak english well

  2. Avatar photo

    The price can vary on differents countries!In Europe for example the price will be around 50€!

  3. doesnt matter for me. All i know for sure is that FIFA11 on PC is going to be Next-Gen. Port from consoles. And im going to be so happy when im going to purchase it!


  4. ok,understand thank you admin

  5. FIFA 11 is NG!!!!Yuhuhuuu lalalala yalalalal

  6. isn’t there a career mode?

  7. Is there a way I can play in an online season with friends? So, my friends and I would pick our teams and the rest would be controlled by AI. I know you can do it in NCAA Football. They really need this.

  8. PLEASE any1? how can I connect with EA serves online .. every time I write the my CD key to enter .. it says enter a valid CD key! helpp??

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