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.:: 1 Year of FIFA Infinity ::.

Today 7th September FIFA Infinity.com celebrates 1 year since its foundation!We like to thank to all of our fans worldwide for visiting and downloading our work!Thanks to you we made it to today and we will continue to create high quality work as we did it since the 1st day of our birth!All the team worked and did an amazing job keeping this site alive with their amazing patches!We wish another great year as this one and we promise to our fans all over the world that they will have many surprises and won’t get dissapointed on our future work with the arrival of FIFA 11!Thanks again for your appreciation towards our site,team and work!

Cheers from the FIFA Infinity Team!

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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. Congratulations bro 🙂 So happy I am 🙂

  2. Congratulations and happy birthday
    I wish you as you continue to develop rapidly and then worked so well so far

  3. Hearty Congrtulations on the anniversary “Fifa-Infinity” Rocks!

  4. Congratulations to Fifa Infinity.. and today, 7th september is the independence of Brazil… jajajaja

  5. Congratulations TEAM. BRAVO!!!

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