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.:: New Set of Images for FIFA 11 PC ::.

A new set of images for FIFA 11 on PC have been released on the web thanks to the italian gaming site multiplayer.it!The set contains 10 images from Serie A and as you can see from the next screens the only unlicensed Serie A team is Palermo!The rest of them are fully licensed!

323431_fifa-soccer-11-per-pc_img.jpg (177 KB) 323432_fifa-soccer-11-per-pc_img.jpg (295 KB) 323433_fifa-soccer-11-per-pc_img.jpg (228 KB) 323434_fifa-soccer-11-per-pc_img.jpg (191 KB) 323435_fifa-soccer-11-per-pc_img.jpg (264 KB) 323436_fifa-soccer-11-per-pc_img.jpg (156 KB) 323437_fifa-soccer-11-per-pc_img.jpg (149 KB) 323438_fifa-soccer-11-per-pc_img.jpg (147 KB) 323439_fifa-soccer-11-per-pc_img.jpg (172 KB) 323440_fifa-soccer-11-per-pc_img.jpg (233 KB)

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