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How to Improve Your Players’ Performance in FIFA Mobile

Easily improve your players’ performances to boost your winning chances and gaming experiences in the FIFA mobile football game.

Today’s digital revolution has promoted the creation of several interesting mobile FIFA games. Many people have moved their gaming adventures from the desktop to mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.

The evolution of FIFA mobile in the gaming world gives players access to play the classic football game from wherever they are. So, you no longer have to be tied to your computer to enjoy it. It is compatible with smartphones operating on Android and iOS.

However, to enjoy the game and earn more wins, you need to have the best players. The good news is that we bring you the easiest ways to improve their performances.

Dive in and learn about the best strategies for boosting player performance in FIFA Mobile.

1. Change Player Positions

One of the most interesting features of FIFA mobile is the in-game substitution menu. It gives you the power to move different players to various positions and create a strong formation.

It is important to change those that aren’t performing well and exchange them for better ones. Best of all, you are free to move any of your team members to another position except the goalkeeper.

2. Select the Right Players For Captain and Set Piece Takers

You have to select the right players that can help you in any situation. Wondering how? The procedure is simple as you just have to visit the ‘’My Team’’ menu of the game. Then select your captain and set piece takers.

It has several positions you have to allocate to different players. They include penalty taker, short free kick, long free kick, left corner taker, right corner taker, and captain.

3. Compare Player Attributes

Comparing the attributes of different players helps you to easily identify those that are better than the others. You have to drag and hold a particular player on the Drag & Drop option to compare his strengths and weaknesses.

If the signal on the feature is green, it shows that the player is better in a given area. So you can consider him, but if it signals red then this is an indicator that the player is worse. This means you have to prioritize the attributes you need to build the strongest possible team.

4. Go For the Best Formations

The FIFA mobile game gives you several options of formations from which should be the best option for your team.

The good news is that all of them in the game have unique play styles. It is recommended to first try them out for easy identification of the most suitable for your team. They also have an impact on your boosts.

If your formation doesn’t have the right players then you won’t get the most out of the boosts. And when you level up in the game, you unlock more formations that widen your choice.

In fact, when a team in real life changes formation to go more attacking there is more chance it will score a goal or on the other hand, concede.


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5. Train Players

Each player in the FIFA mobile game is worth training to increase their overall (OVR). You need to embrace it and fill up their training XP bar which improves your players’ attributes and OVR.

Leveling up your players through the training greatly improves their performance which in turn gives you higher winning chances.

The other good news is that you can also transfer training ranks from one player to another who needs a boost.


There are more ways to easily improve your players in FIFA mobile like leveling and ranking up your skill boosts.

You can also apply chemistry as it allows you to play with players of similar backgrounds like nationalities, leagues and clubs. So you only need to choose the right strategies from the provided options and try your luck.

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