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Second FIFA 23 Title Update Announced

Exactly a week after the release of the first FIFA 23 title update, EA Sports revealed today that the second official title update will be out soon in FIFA 23.

While the first update was addressed to PC players only, the second one will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. Here’s what changes the second official patch include:

FIFA Ultimate Team

Made the following changes:

  • Added a Chemistry indicator appearing on Player Items when previewing a swap between out of position Player Items.
  • Removed pack opening animations when redeeming Stadium Items from Objectives, Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champions rewards.
  • Removed several screens that would appear before playing individual FUT Moments.
  • A Player Item’s Secondary Positions are now visible in the top left part of the screen when using the Actions radial menu.
  • Updated the Top 200 crest displayed in Squad Battles.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Some SBC rewards were missing the untradeable label.
    • This was a visual issue only and SBCs with untradeable rewards were referenced as such in SBC descriptions.
  • The “do not show this message again” option did not take effect when performing Squad Actions on the Squad screen.
  • The in-game scoreboard did not always display correctly in Squad Battles.
  • Some Ball Items did not display correctly.
  • After purchasing a Stadium Items bundle, the third tier FUT stadium could be seen in the background until exiting and re-entering FUT.
  • The Help button callout did not function correctly on the Squad screen.
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur when inviting players in Online Friendlies.
  • [PC] Addressed some instances of a stability issue that could occur when opening Packs.


Made the following changes:

  • Chipped penalty shots can only be performed towards the middle third section of the goal.
  • Adjusted chipped penalty shot ball trajectories to be less lofted overall.
  • Improved the likelihood of Standing Tackles winning the ball back.
  • Increased the ball velocity for all Ground Passes.
  • Increased accuracy of Chip Shots.
  • Penalty kicks taken when the Composure Ring is red are very likely to miss the goal entirely.
  • The CPU AI is more likely to play a direct tactical style on Pro, World Class, and Legendary difficulties.
  • The Assisted Headers setting no longer impacts headed passes, it only impacts headers requested with the Shot input.
    • The Pass Assistance setting continues to determine the level of assistance present on headed passes.
    • The Semi Assisted Pass Assistance setting continues to set headed passes to be assisted, as there is no option for Semi Assisted headed passes.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Goalkeepers could sometimes react too quickly to certain shots.
  • In some cases, shoulder challenges from behind did not result in a foul being called when it should have been.
  • Sometimes, goalkeepers positioned themselves too far off the goal line when attempting to save long shots.
  • In some difficult defensive heading scenarios, players could miss the header, especially when under pressure from an opposing player.
  • When attempting to run back to the goal line to save a Chip Shot, goalkeepers could have incorrectly attempted to catch the ball instead.
  • Improved dribbling animation transitions after taking a stumbling touch on the ball.
  • Goalkeepers were sometimes unable to save shots aimed very close to their bodies.
  • Some Ground Passes could result in the ball traveling at faster than intended velocities.
  • Three star Skill Move players with a Sprint Speed and Acceleration above 85 could not perform a Fake Shot from a sprint.
  • In rare cases, the ball carrier could sprint over the ball and lose control of it.
  • Improved referee logic when calling fouls inside of the box.
  • Sometimes, goals scored during a Playable Highlight did not count towards the scoreline.
  • In rare situations during a match with a goal difference of three or more, the referee could incorrectly end the match during added time during the middle of an attack.
  • Goalkeepers could have incorrectly deflected the ball into the net when attempting to save a shot in some rare situation.
  • Following a pass, a player switch could not be requested in some situations.
  • When requesting a tackle while behind the ball carrier, sometimes a blocking animation could occur.
  • Improved referee logic when determining foul calls as a result of blocking animations.
  • In some scenarios, the Power Shot animation could not be transitioned out of.
  • Improved referee logic when choosing to call for a foul after the ball was won by the defender.
  • Increased effectiveness of tackles when performed on an idle ball carrier.
  • Some tackling animations could incorrectly occur again after completion.
  • The CPU AI would sometimes not pass to the locked human controlled player when requested to, during corners.
  • Some goalkeeper animations did not display correctly.
  • Improved referee logic to allow for an advantage situation if a goalkeeper was fouled while holding the ball.
  • Improved the positioning of the human controlled player at the start of Playable Highlights when locked to a single player.
  • When dribbling close to the sideline, the ball carrier is more likely to keep the ball in play when late direction changes are requested.
  • Improved referee logic when determining foul calls following a goalkeeper making contact with ball carriers.
  • Sometimes, low powered shots could result in a slightly unintended ball trajectory.
  • Certain first time Ground Passes could be sent to the wrong player.
  • Addressed instances of Skill Games not functioning as intended.
  • In rare scenarios when the defender wasn’t close to the ball carrier, the ball carrier could have performed an unrequested contextual animation, attempting to get the ball around the defender’s leg.
  • In some cases, players could unintentionally make poor shot contact with the ball following a mistouch.
  • Improved referee logic when deciding to call a foul due to accidental contact between players.
  • Improved player selection logic for high powered Lob Passes.
  • When taking a low powered Penalty Kick, the player’s foot could sometimes go through the ball.
    • This was a visual issue only, and the shot was not affected.
  • Sometimes, a goalkeeper could catch the ball with one hand instead of two.
    • This was a visual issue only.
  • Improved referee logic when determining foul calls while the ball carrier was standing still.
  • Some bicycle kick animations did not play correctly.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issues:

  • The in-game scoreboard displayed incorrectly during Playable Highlights.
  • In some cases, post-match interviews could contain questions not relevant to the situation.
  • In some cases, the player’s team could unintentionally have less Playable Highlights than the opposition.
  • In some cases, AI managers could sell too many players without replacing them.
  • Some league standings did not correctly show which teams qualified for European Competitions.
    • This was a visual issue only.
  • The Transfers tab could display an incorrect league for a scouted player.
    • This was a visual issue only.
  • The Manager Favor UI did not always display correctly.
  • The Portuguese Cup did not have the correct number of participating teams.
  • An own goal scored by the human controlled team could have been considered as a goal scored that the opposing team scored.
  • Goalkeepers were still wearing their gloves during transfer-related scenes.
  • In some cases, a starting activity in Player Career did not present itself.
  • Updated some instances of inaccurate news stories and text.
  • Improved automatic kit number selection, with higher OVR players more likely to receive numbers traditionally associated with their playing positions.
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur when simulating matches.


Addressed the following issues:

  • Seasonal XP could sometimes display as zero in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
    • This was a visual issue only.
  • Item Rarities were not correctly labeled in the VOLTA Shop.
  • The Pro Clubs team Captain would take corner kicks instead of the assigned corner kick taker.
  • When playing in the Any position, the post match Pro Clubs progression screens did not reflect that.
  • When a free kick was being taken during a Pro Clubs match, the camera changed to the Free Kick one for all teammates instead of just the taker.
  • When editing an Avatar, the birth year could change on its own.
  • When editing VOLTA FOOTBALL outfits, socks could sometimes display through shoes.
  • The menu background brightness could change after playing Skill Games.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following changes:

  • Updated some balls, kits, stadiums, themes, player gestures, player bios, commentary lines, replays, goal music, background music, crowd reactions, broadcast packages, sweat effects, trophy celebrations, run styles, club descriptions, UI elements, credits, cinematics, mascots, AR overlays, celebrations, and ad boards.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Pausing an EATV video could launch Career Mode.
  • Kick Off Controller Settings did always save if they were changed on the Match Preview and Side Select screens.
  • In rare situations, goalkeepers reacted to a goal being scored as if it were a shot that missed the net.
  • During goal celebrations, if no buttons were pressed, the goalscorer could sometimes move erratically.
  • When the ball went out of play, it could have incorrectly disappeared for a moment.
  • In some cutscenes, the manager could be seen speaking to an incorrect player.
  • In some cases, the depth of field effect did not display correctly.
  • During goal celebrations, some members of the crowd did not display correctly.
  • Addressed various stability issues that could sometimes occur.

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The 2.04 GB update is now available to download on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia versions of FIFA 23.

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