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The Best High Potential Defenders to Sign in FC 24 Career Mode

One of the key positions to pay attention to when building a team in FC 24 Career Mode is the defence. Let’s get down to it and show you some talents you could pouch for yourself today.

You’ll want a defender with significant growth potential that will help you improve your team beyond a season or two. While there are always gem defenders to unearth, knowing the right place to look is often key to getting the right kind of defenders for your FC 24 career mode.

Top High Potential Defenders in FC 24 Career Mode

While we give you a rundown of the high-potential defenders for your FC 24 Career Mode, using players with versatility is a secret technique that even Esports players utilise.

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Jorel Hato

  • Rating: 73
  • Position: CB, LB
  • Value: €9.5 million


As a 17-year-old Dutch player, Jorel Hato possesses a decent rating of 73 with a potential rating of 88. While the player’s favoured position is center back, Jorel Hato can comfortably slot in across the several positions in your backline, bringing much-needed versatility to your team.

Notably, the centre back stands at an impressive 6 feet (182 cm) tall. Hato’s height combined with 86 jumping ability means he can help intercept aerial threats from the opposition. Overall, Jerold Hato is a defender you should consider having on your career team.

Lucas Lopes Beraldo

  • Rating: 75
  • Position: CB
  • Value: €11.5 million

While on contract with PSG, Lucas Lopes Beraldo is a talent you can trust to marshall out your defence. At 19 years of age, you can develop the Brazilian to become a club legend or as a profitable sellout option when he matures, given that he has the potential to reach 86.

Beraldo’s 73 physicality and 80 aggression are important traits as they ensure that opposition attackers can’t intimidate him in one-on-one situations. However, it may take a bit of convincing for him to leave PSG for your team, especially if your club is not one of the big teams. 

Jorne Spileers

  • Rating: 70
  • Position: CB
  • Value: €4.5 million

The 18-year-old Belgian player possesses some good attributes worth having in your team. For instance, Jorne Spileers combines his 73 strengths, 76 jumping, 71 interceptions, and 72 defensive ability to stand out among high-potential defenders.

If your budget allows it, the €7.4 million release clause placed on his head by Club Brugge may be worth the gamble in the long run.

The Ultimate Guide to Signing High Potential Defenders in FC 24

You’ll need to effectively manage your transfer and player recruitment strategy if you want to achieve consistent success in your career mode. As such, you may want to follow some of these basic guidelines toward unearthing defensive gems while maintaining balance in your team.

Utilise Loan Signings

Sometimes, the high-potential player you want may not agree to sign for your team. An offer of a loan option for that player may change his mind. It’ll also cut down on your signing budget.

With loan signing, you’ll be afforded the time to show that high-potential player the ambition of your team, which is likely to convince them to sign permanently with your team. It is worthy of note that you give the loan signings and you intend to keep enough playing time to keep them happy.

Utilise Scouting Alerts

Make the most out of the scouting alerts, which give you important updates on players’ transfer situations in a club. With the scouting alerts set up, you’ll receive updates once a player’s contract is about to expire. Also, players whose clubs have placed them on transfer lists will show up on your scouting alerts. With this, you won’t miss out on high-potential deals.

Monitor Your Academy

While you may be looking elsewhere for high-potential players, your youth academy is also a source to look into. Who knows, the brightest potential may well be lurking in your youth academy without your knowledge. FC 24 players on Reddit confirmed that the FC 24 youth academy system is more enjoyable. This is a massive improvement compared to other versions.

Unlocking the Potential of FC 24’s Best Defensive Talents

A significant number of FC 24 young player recruitments are made due to the potential that the player harbours and not necessarily based on the current ability. As such, you’ll want to propel your player to reach their full potential. Consider following these development strategies.

Keep Players’ Morale High

A player’s morale is directly proportional to their on-field performance. You can discover when a player’s morale is low, judging from contract negotiations, communication, lack of game time, and more. It is important to manage the player to avoid a situation of low morale for your footballing talents.

Set Development Plans in Line with Players’ Potential

Each player has their unique attributes. As such, set your training sessions so they align with your talents and attributes to boost their potential. You may want to focus on improving their primary skills, followed by their strength and stamina.

Take Advantage of the Training Modules

There are several effective training modules in the FC 24 that you can implement on the talents in your squad to grow your team’s individual and team play abilities. Some of the modules you should consider are positional drills, set pieces, and more. Explore the best drills you feel align with your team and implement them.

Evaluate Progress and Adjust

After implementing your strategies, it is important to evaluate the progress and improvement of your effort on your team. It will enable you to highlight weak spots you can help eradicate through specific drills.

The Must-Have High Potential Defenders for FC 24 Career Mode

Let’s take you through what we believe to be high-potential defenders you can get within a budget.

Dean Donny Huijsen

  • Current Rating: 68
  • Potential: 86
  • Value: €2.9 million


Valued at the price of just under €3 million, Dean Donny Huijsen represents a budget buy with a potential rating of 86.  At just 18 years of age, the Spanish centre-back possesses a decent 72 in sliding tackle ability and 70 in jumping and heading. With significant room for growth, Huijsen is your high-potential defender for the future.

Luka Vušković

  • Current Rating: 62
  • Potential: 86
  • Value: €1.2 million

Vušković is your quintessential centre back with a height of 6’4″ feet (193 CM). The player’s 82 jumping and 83 strength underscores his height and defensive potential. Notably, Luka Vušković just clocked 16 years last February, ensuring that his buyers will benefit from his young age and potential longevity.

You can easily pouch this talent, considering his relatively low-ranked Radomiak Radom team and a €2.8 million release clause.

Alejandro Jiménez Sánchez

  • Rating: 64
  • Potential: 85
  • Value: €1.8 million

Alejandro Jiménez Sánchez is a player you would want to have in your team, given his versatility. He can play RB and LB in equal measure, ensuring that you’re getting a player on both sides with just a single signing in him.

Notably, Alejandro Jiménez’s movement is an asset you can utilise in your team. The player has 84 acceleration, 81 sprints, and 77 agility, which ensures he can play the LWB or RWB while effectively tracking back to carry out his defensive duties as well.

The Top Picks for FC 24 Career Mode Defenders

If you’re looking for defenders who can slot in naturally into your defence from the get-go, you may want to consider these players:

Rico Lewis

  • Rating: 75
  • Position: RB, CDM
  • Value: €11.5 million

With Rico Lewis in your career team, you’ll be getting a relatively established player who’s had top-level experience, given his significant contribution to the Man City team so far. Also, the player’s versatility is an asset, according to EA Sports, he can play right-back as well as central defensive midfield.

If push comes to shove, Rico Lewis can play across the defence and midfield. Notably, at just 18 years, Rico possesses a decent 80 ball control, 82 short passes, 79 agility, and 78 acceleration. With the potential to reach an 86 rating, Rico Lewis is a shoo-in player for your team.


  • Rating: 71
  • Position: CB
  • Value: €4.3 million

Otávio will marshal out your defence, given his 80 strengths, 74 defensive ability, and 72 interceptions. Similarly, the 21-year-old Brazilian will add some needed aerial strength to your team with his 81 jumping ability and 71-heading prowess.

With 85 potential ratings, Otávio is a gem that is on the rise. You can then either sell him for profit or make him a core part of your team’s defence.

Levi Colwill

  • Rating: 75
  • Position: LB, CB
  • Value: €12 million

Getting Colwill from Chelsea could be an uphill task. Regardless, having him in your team will surely improve the team’s defensive ability. Standing at 6’2″ feet (187 CM) with an 81 jumping ability, Colwill will give your opponent’s attacker nightmares.

Notably, Colwill’s 73 composure, 75 interception ability with a combination of 80 strength gives the 20-year-old English player attributes worth having. Did we mention his ability to play across the backline? It gives you the leverage to play him where your defender may be missing in action due to injury.

Radu Drăgușin

  • Rating: 72
  • Position: CB
  • Value: €5.5 million

The highlight of Radu Matei Drăgușin is his 75 sliding tackle ability coupled with his 80 strength and 78 sprint. Notably, Drăgușin’s 84 potential is a good margin for growth. At age 21 with a height of 6 ‘3 feet, Drăgușin is ripe to become a part of your team that’ll conquer the FC 24 Career Mode.


The career mode of the FC 24 has become a game that requires a meticulous approach to achieve success. In view of this, one of the key areas to developing a winning team is through the defence. While there are notable defensive names you could choose from, developing defensive gems into established talents will save your budget while improving your managerial ability.

Conclusively, while the defensive prowess of your team is important, it is important to balance out your team by investing in other areas of the team.

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