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FIFA 20 Career Mode Most Important New Features

The past EA FIFA releases have seen Electronic Arts (EA) laying much focus on the Ultimate Team and somehow forgetting the Career Mode. For the past years, the  FIFA Career Mode didn’t seem to have any new meaningful features to look out for. For this year’s release, FIFA Career Mode received a variety of features that have been positively received. As you create your team, you can also use these betting codes to wager on your ‘players’ real performances in the leagues they participate in. With the last Career Mode features incorporated two years ago, what are some of the features incorporated this year?

  • Customizable Manager

FIFA 20 adds up more options to create and customize your manager. The features available allow you to change your manager’s skin tone, body type, hairstyle, and clothing. This year’s release also comes with a standout highlight. You can have a female manager if you so wish! This will see the ability of all genders playing side-by-side in Volta Football. However, you will still not be able to play a game between a male team and a female team.

  • Have a press conference

An already existing interactive press conference has been improved where the manager will now be expected to provide answers before a match and after a match. For every decision the manager takes including squad rotations, questions will be asked from the ‘journalists’ with each match treated differently. This brings the authenticity and the dynamic factor in the game. The conference will see the manager asked questions about the outcome of the game, the opponent, stage of the competition, goals scored, and more.

  • Player conversations

The manager will be able to interact with the players through one-on-one chats to purposely solve their problems and addressing their concerns. The feature will see him/her inspire the team’s morale and will generally improve his/her ratings as a manager. The feature has been tailored on a ‘messaging app-like interface’ where the one-on-one communication will be made possible.

Just like in live form, the manager will deal with various requests stemming from happy or unhappy players. The solutions he/she gives will either affect the team positively or negatively.

  • League UI themes

FIFA 20 Career Mode has incorporated 5 unique UI themes in the following leagues; English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Major League Soccer, and French Ligue 1. The top UEFA competitions (UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League) will also have their branded UI themes presented.

  • Dynamic Player Potential

The player’s potential will increase based on the performances of the previous season. For a young prospect who had a great season in terms of goal returns and assists, the next season may come out as his/her breakthrough season. For this reason, the potential will increase in the next season. An aging player who had a good season will still have his/her potential increasing, but the attributes will be slowly decreasing.

The potential will decrease if the player did not have a good season or if he/she lacked enough playtime.

Let us know which is your favourite new feature in the comments box below.

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