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6 Tips That Will Help You Become A Master At FIFA 20

The competitive games can start once again with the latest release from EA Sports with FIFA 20. The new FIFA 20 has a lot of new content, new tricks and new gaming mods that will challenge your skillset from previous FIFA games.

FIFA is one of the all-time great sports games that attract millions of players that compete with one another in order to claim the better player award. Similar to Madden NFL, where you compete to become the top NFL MVP in the odds, FIFA is all about soccer and making your way til the Champions League final.

In this article, we will go through some of the skills you need to improve in order to become a pro-player in FIFA 20.

Strafe Dribbling

FIFA 20 has evolved and has become similar to the events that occur in real-time football. So, an individual skillset can take you to victory. This is why FIFA decided to improve one-on-one dribbling situations giving you more options to pass the defenders.

Strafe dribbling mechanic is very effective when you are pulling the ball back or trying to open up space. It keeps the ball at close control while moving around by holding down L1/LB and locks it into position by holding down R1/RB at the same time. It is a very effective dribbling skill.


EA Sports decided to bring back the pace in FIFA 20. This means that defenders cannot catch up with attackers that are much faster than them. You can use this advantage to create lethal counter-attacks much like real football nowadays. Since passing is not quite reliable as previous FIFA games, you should go for this kind of approach.

Timed Finishing

This feature is also back with the latest FIFA 20 but it is much harder to pull off. However, if you nail the timing you’ll get much more consistent and precise shots and certainly score more goals. You should definitely practice timed finishing that will become extremely important in the kick-off games, especially when you can time your shots while taking a free-kick.

Use Jockey while defending

EA Sports tried to make defending similar to real-life football where players can no longer rely on artificial intelligence to defend. In the new FIFA 20, you should do a much better job than simply holding X/A to defend your goal.

You should try using jockey with L2/LT in order to defend the ball more securely and if you want to cover more ground you can hold down R2/RT at the same time for a much faster jockey. You have to patient in defending and using jockey and wait until the time is right than challenge the player.

New Passes

As we mentioned earlier, passes are nerfed in FIFA 20 and they are much more unpredictable than other FIFA games that we’ve seen in the past. This is not that bad, especially when you want to play a game that is as close as the football in real life where passing is not easy. There are different kinds of passes in the latest FIFA 20 and improving your skills on passing can be a huge game-changer. You can use a double-tap pass by pressing X/A twice or for through ball triangle/Y in order to bounce the ball over opponents’ interception or use loop pass by hitting L1/LB + Triangle/Y. There are many different passing options that you should practice in order to become a master in FIFA 20.

Improve taking Set pieces

A set-piece is where the game gets exciting and every player wants an outstanding goal from a free-kick. However, FIFA 20 added another challenge to players where they must try harder to score a goal than in previous FIFA games. For example, now you must aim your shot with your left-stick and then use the right-stick to add spin to the ball.

Depending on the rotation of the stick, you can add different ball movements such as dip, curve, or knuckleball shot. You must get your technique right in order to win more games.

These are some of the tips you should use in order to improve your skills in FIFA 20. There are a lot more techniques to use and upgrade the previous FIFA experience in order to become an unbeatable player.

FIFA is extremely fun especially when you compete with your friends, so make sure you practice all the skills we mentioned earlier and challenge your friends.

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