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FUT 19 Player Days Promo Announced

This weekend we will have the chance to pack the 18 “Best Of” in-form players released until today in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team including engagement rewards, Buy One Get One Free packs, SBCs, web app rewards, a custom kit and for the first time in FUT history, c oin discount packs!

“Best Of” In-Form Players

Get another chance to pack 18 of the best performance based in-forms from the start of FUT 19 until now!  Performance based In-Forms are Team of the Week, Man of the Match, Hero and UCL/UEL Team of the Group Stage. 

BOGOF & Coin Discount Packs

Two special packs return during FUT Player Days. Buy One Get One Free packs will contain another pack of the same type while Coin Discount Packs offer up to 50% off from the regular coin price. 

Engagement Reward

The more FUT 19 you’ve played, the bigger your reward! Everyone who logs in during the event and has played a minimum of one day will receive a reward. 

1 – 8 Days             Custom Kit

9 – 52 Days           Jumbo Premium Gold Pack + Custom Kit

53 – 107 Days     Prime Gold Players Pack + Custom Kit

108 – 144 Days   Rare Mega Pack + Custom Kit

145+ Days             Ultimate Pack + Custom Kit

Companion/Web App Log In Reward

Log in to the web or companion app between 6 PM UK on March 1 and 6 PM UK on March 4 to get a bonus engagement pack reward! 

Prime Icon Moment SBCs, Daily Puzzle SBCs and Weekly Objectives

Four Prime ICON Moments SBCs will be released during the event. In addition, four daily puzzle SBCs and themed Weekly Objectives will be released during the event featuring great value pack rewards.

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