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EA Sports partners Juventus for FIFA 17

EA Sports announced today the official partnership for FIFA 17 with the Seria A champions.

The partnership will bring in FIFA 17 updated 3D head scans of stars like Buffon, Pogba, Dybala, and Chiellini and an accurately modelled Juventus Stadium.

In the announcement trailer and the screens that we will present below, you can also notice the introduction of the famous DAB celebration performed in real life by Pogba and Dybala:

juv-pogba-lg-2x juv-buffon-lg-2x juv-dybala-lg-2x juv-chiellini-lg-2x juv-marchisio-lg-2x CmT0VurWIAAQs38.jpg large juv-auth-hero-lg-2x juv-gameplay-lg-2x juv-stadium-lg-2x

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