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FIFA 16 Suggestions & Ideas

EA Sports wants to hear your suggestions and ideas for the next FIFA title! Tell us in the comment box bellow or in this thread what would you like to improve or add in your favourite football simulation game.  Note that your suggestions will be passed on to the FIFA producers themselves, so be very specific on what you write!

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  1. – More league (league 1 Romania)
    – Youth team
    – Flares and choreography and more song of fans
    – Real budgets
    – More players
    – You can call at trial players
    – Doing workouts
    – If you take over a national team to play in the World Championship, European Championship

  2. -variety of animations of first touch, less skilful players will have more clumsy first touch.

    -elimination of blind pass, blind passing was made too easy in some scenarios in FIFA 15, taking more steps before hitting the ball is a nice touch in FIFA 15.

    -player with lower passing stats should have less accuracy in lobbing through pass,

    the less skilful player should slow down or take more steps before he kicks the ball for the lobbing through pass.

    -different ways to commit technical foul.

    -sliding in to block or tackle (Speed wasn’t ideal in FIFA 15)

    -AI positioning during containing a player, like when a winger dribbling a ball closing in to the end of a line, the left back or right back must anticipate the winger to cut back or cross,

    so he slow down in order to block the cross or prepare to tackle or foul him if he wasn’t able to stop him from cutting in.

    -more ability to give instructions to a player to perform certain task. like for a CDM, to defend centrally, just infront of two CB, to form a triangle,

    not being draw out of position.

    -Shielding the ball still not ideal, making Giroud seems useless in build play, because he needs to be able to do hold up play!

  3. add fifa world club in career mode,
    brazilian league,
    new boot bundle, especially the rel madrid dragon edition.
    fifa golden ball and player of the year
    no way that im not in the team of the year although i won the best player of the league and goalkeeper trophies
    real champions league intro with the actual music and the acsesories
    an actual youth team that can provide players to the first team but also compete in youth league such as real madrid castilla that you can actually take youth players for a specific match.
    more real stadiums, especially in spain such as la romareda(zaragoza),
    ramon sanchez pijuan(sevilla), ruiz the lufre(betis),
    el madrigal(villareal), riazor(la curuna), cornella el prat(espanyol), etc.
    fan flags
    clubs songs and anthems
    player search by overall stats in transfer mode
    growth prediction
    other leagues leaderboards, top scoring stats
    passeo- if you the league before the final fixture, the opposing team give you a standing ovation corridor
    color option for shoes of the same model(self pick)
    kit design option in career mode after each season
    new signings presentations

  4. One time without everytime decreased Gameplay after every EA-Patches. This is a real shame on Canada’s Developing Team. Best we found only on Demo-Version, as usual every year! Please bring real Hands back and obvisouly let everything on graphics at this year game stage and push your Ignite-Engine for a real good AI/KI.

  5. Online Training mode in Pro Clubs to train with your club members

  6. The goal nets files should be part of each stadium so that each net shape is unique to the stadium. Also, there is a bar that runs around the floor at the bottom of the net, when the ball rolls onto it the ball skips up the net. Most nets do not skip up when the ball hits the net hard, EA has applied this all nets which isnt realistic.Net physics need improving.

  7. 1) Add something like ”Carrier” but name it ”Competition”. In it to be Uefa Champions League, Europa League, like in PES.

    2) To be eliminated the thing with ”scout”. It was more better how it was on Fifa 13.. just all overalls.

    3) A cool face for Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi… Ronaldo has the same hairstyle and face from FIFA 14 and Messi has a face of a Pixel Game.

    4) Add the Romanian League 1 with Steaua Bucharest and Astra.

  8. I hope they introduce AI real-time anticipation and reaction system.
    The way that the player reacts to the situation on the pitch is very terrible, you can see it from throw-ins, like when a player is running towards the thrower and when the thrower throws the ball, the guy is still running, resulting in the ball being thrown behind the player running towards the thrower.
    The player should anticipate, once the thrower swing his arm, he should slow down his pace and get ready to receive the ball. that’s not the case in FIFA 15.
    This is just one of the example of the flaws of not having real-time anticipation in FIFA 15.
    Another example will be, whenever a ball has been kicked away by tackle or slide tackle, the AI player closest to the ball doesn’t react fast enough or doesn’t react at all for that matter, to be in possession of the ball.
    You have to switch your control to the player closest to the ball then pick the ball up yourself, this frustrates me the most, because I had my Auto Switching set to Air balls. I believe those who use auto will have no big deal with it.
    AI positioning just outside the opposition penalty box in build up play is still terrible at times.

  9. The most pissing off feature of FIFA 15 is not having a chance to play World Cup or European Championship when playing a career as a player. It was a step down from FIFA 14, why?
    I’d like a stadium editor such as the one featured in FIFA MANAGER, so you can build your own stadium.
    It would be nice in a career to have a sort of financial improvement as I win trophies and leagues, even though I’m managing a small team. Of course I can’t expect to have the Barcelona incomes at Hibernian, but winning some leagues or cups in a row should result in a bigger and bigger income and my fanbase should get more large as I have top class players in my team.
    Another thing I miss is the chance to be on the bench and become a substitute in a game in the player career. There’s no halfway point in being in the starting XI or being kept out of the game, which is unrealistic. Unless my player is injured, if it has a high overall value, I guess no manager would keep a Messi or a Ronaldo out of a game just because he’s tired. It’s more fairly such a player would be on the bench and maybe, if the game requires (the team is losing or having a poor display), the manager could decide to let him get in.

  10. Hey. How about balancing the Pro Clubs mode? I mean not only using 5 “8” height so you are fast…

    And please fix these not logical things like 5 “5” strength around 50
    but 90 aggression or 5 “5” small player and heading accuary around 90.

    Or shot power also can be nerfed if your smaller. Please fix those things since they ruin the game!
    And diving would be nice (only offline)

    If you stand and shoot, the power is like running and shooting. Please add steps when standing-shooting since its not realistic. And add please that training mode again where you could practice free kick etc. And if you shoot too hard, the net should tear.

  11. Oh. Nice idea.

  12. 1. More third kits especially lower league teams, and more kits added as downloadable content (you have this on NBA Live15)
    2.More Rest of the World teams especially East European teams to put in the champions league and Europa league
    3.Sort out the Italian 2nd division and countries that have not got the correct kits
    4.Games that start in daylight and finnish in the dark (you have this in Madden NFL 15 and NCAA Football 14)
    5.Changing weather conditions during the match (you had this on Fifa 99)
    6.The high definition balls available from the start
    7.Champions league and alternate kits available in the catologue instead of historic kits as teams dont wear those kits unless their current manufacturer makes them

  13. Jorge Luis Alvarez Medina

    Improve the defense , add the licenses of champions league , league and Europe Brasileirao among other South American leagues and let stadiums teams defending premier league stadiums in addition to adding equipment amounting

  14. Would love to see some training games in career mode.
    You can either train the players your self or skip(automatically train the players).
    You can work on set-pieces, free kicks routines, open-play.
    Players who have had good training session before a match, will have higher confidence or better form going into the match.

  15. I think EA should go and see how the top teams train in their own yards.
    There’s some many different training methods, implement it into the game, I think it will be fun, let player choose which training methods they want.

  16. Plus, in training, you can push the players with age >30 in training in order to maintain the form/stats they have. And of course, the risks of getting injured.

  17. White Hart Land camera in wrong, it is showing the wrong stand. It should face the West Stand. Also, Also, there should be a toss before the game so that the home team doesn’t always attack the rihgt hand end first.

  18. Hey! Wthats Up!? My suggestions are that for example, You are playing a Ultimate Team Match and In the upper right site Puts (Friends Team Name) 1- 0 (Other Team).

    So for example
    rubialex99 7-2……

  19. Great game guys, but I would like to see 3 things in FIFA 16:

    1) I want to see the virtual pro back just like from FIFA 12 where you can train the player with accomplishments OUTSIDE OF PLAYER CAREER MODE so he can be used in manager mode and other things

    2) I want to see a creation centre that can be compatible with PS4/Xbox one

    3) I want to see real managers in the game with their real faces just like the players

  20. Start by adding South African PSL.

  21. Hey, my suggestion is to make sure that everyones face in the top 5 leagues is scanned in and also career mode should be improved with training sessions, being able to change your kit realistically (club colours should be the same) at the end of the each season in manager mode, contracts should be more realistic including buy out clauses, perks etc. Managers should be able to discuss their contacts as well and demand more wages. The manager should look more realistic, more customisation options. There should be more and different news types. Players should be able to change their own boots as they change it in real life. Youth development should be better e.g. having an u18 team, u16 that you can be able to promote them to the first team etc. Clubs should be able to grow as their objective continue to be met with a bigger fancies, transfer budget, better scouts etc. Transfers should be more realistic and you should be able to send players on loan for more than a year as well. Young players should know their spot in the team and not always ask to play when a more experienced and better player is fit. Manager mode and head scans should be concentrated on in fifa 16.

  22. I think they should make you more likely to pack 85+ players. I also think that keepers should be given a higher rating

  23. I bought 25 dollars worth of FIFA points and I only packed 1 85+ player and I bought the product red pack for rare players and I not a single in form player so it should be easy to get good players in packs or buy players on the transfer market for FIFA points

  24. Make it affordable 🙁 geez ZAR600 for a game is insane. 8 months later its worth nothing. (ZAR200 & less in just 8 months)

  25. I hope Brazilian league will return so that Fifa can introduce the Copa Libertadores, I’d also like the Chinese, Ukrainian and UAE league, but one of them would already be a huge step forward.
    Fifa 15 is a great game but I think EA should improve defending; it’s very easy to just walk trough a defense, and because of that Welbeck for example is more useful on FUT then Cavani.

  26. – In career mode players get lower ratings when they get past 29/30 years. In real this isn’t always the case, like goalkeepers who most likely get better when they get older.

    – More and fixed stadiums, like some patterns in colored seats and real life scoreboards, not a view of what’s happening on the pitch. It’s a small detail, but can make it look much more real-life. More stadiums from like Holland, Spain, Italy, USA

    – Be a goalkeeper career.

    – Even more Leagues, like Brazilian, Dutch second and of course CL and EL

    – Improve net physics. For example, the Allianz Arena nets are ending inside the pitch, but on FIFA they don’t.

    – Make a retro mode in which you can play demos from FIFA classics.

    – Erase retro kits, and enable the function to make your own kits for your favorite clubs.

    – More celebrations, like a two player little dance celebration.

    – Make fans celebrate together, now every fan is celebrating on his own. Also when a ball is getting fired into the audience, make the fans try to reach that ball.

    – Please make FIFA points some cheaper, €0,99 for a 5k pack is extremely expensive. In that way more players will buy FIFA points instead of illegal coins.

    – Make an old school intro when starting up FIFA. That first time you play the new game you will watch it to the end. That’s tradition ;-P

  27. ability turn off or/and make transparent every information in the game screen, specialy the name bar

  28. – More realistic animiation when the player kick the ball in a goal situation (ex. footing, preferred foot, etc.).
    – Match highlights should not include the fouls just the goals and attempts.
    – Fix passing direction problem (so many time when I’m controling player “A” and I want to pass the ball to player “B”, player “A” is passing the ball to player “C” not player “B”).

  29. I say this as a Fifa lover, but also very annoyed. Fifa 16 must have physically growing youth players, and ones that start fast. Real life isnt full of slow people. It must have this or I will be annoyed. Also be able to change kit and relocate team like Madden.

  30. career mode btw


  32. i don’t wanna be all classy and stuff. just work on this please.

    1. Off-sides, every time you pass the ball at the front it literally goes to the guy that’s offside when you didn’t mean it for him,its annoying.
    2. be a referee. a 3rd player can be a ref during two players.
    3. claim its offside while its not once in a while, let the commentator even say “he clearly got that wrong”
    4. change the penalty view. its been like that for ever,give it a new angle arial or so.
    5. put small replays in between, guys reaction, spiting,shaking head etc
    6. more deflection goals.
    7. small fights when tackles fly in.
    8. real life player tension like skertel n diego costa, company and costa (or main strikers).
    9. vanishing spray.
    10. crazy fans running in field during finals.

  33. I want to see the collection book come back in FUT as it will make players who you get in packs that normally dont mean anything to you, actually become important.

    I also want to be able to use your virtual pro in FUT see his stats upgrade becasue everyone should be allowed to have a really good player in their team but you should limit the pro’s rating to 90 or 91.

    You should also lower the prices of fifa points or on special days do discounts or sales e.g. black friday, christmas, new year etc.

    I hope someone from EA reads this.

  34. In the next FIFA, I shall hope that you will improve you beautiful play. That there will be more and less long shot goes aboard the penalty area. I also wish there was more celebrations like “Remove His Shirt”. Or have press conferences in Career Mode. I wish I also have more or Brasileirao League as new competitions (Champions League, UEFA Europa League, CAN …). I would like more stages of modeling such as the Ligue 1 and to model players. More national selection with the national anthem. That arbitrators do not put a yellow card for a small mistake and q’on can choose in the parameter as in FIFA 14. I hope you will improve its details. Thank you.

  35. Online Career mode

  36. Just 4 ideas for now.
    1. Youth team league. With coaches emailing you in manager mode which youngest deserves a call up to the first team. And injured players to get match fit again.
    2. Better transfer negotiations between clubs, like to sweeten a deal to send them a player on loan.
    3. Communication with players, if they ask why they aren’t playing or something then we get three or four options to reply to.
    4. If a young player is going to be great over time, but you play them all the time and play well. They should grow twice as fast.

  37. add champions league & Uefa Euro league. and Same score board League table

  38. In career mode buy kit for any team for fifa world style

  39. 1. Overhaul in Career mode
    – new transfer system
    – to be able to change playable positions(like CAM position player to play as CM)
    – realistic transfers
    2. Better Trophy celebration
    3. New Create a player mode
    4. Better presentation of Champions cup NOT saying original coz its not possible(different scoreboard , referee kits , etc. )
    5.Real Managers ( like world cup game)

  40. Create player can import the face picture from the computer in PC , set the free kick style and celebration on create player mode, also can edit the default player in free kick style

  41. Injured Players are taken by the physio’s.
    Player emotions towards his old club
    Pre match Analysis Show.
    Manager’s getting Frustrated.

  42. 1.When the shot flies along the ground and the ball falls into the goal after the pipes that hold the bottom of the net to make it like a real meeczu ball bounced up and flew to the top of the grid
    2.Spray a judge when the judge sets the wall and the ball at the free throw to spray indicated where the wall and ball stand
    3.In order to finish after a heavy blow shook the post or crossbar
    4.Let the excitement and drama will be
    5.When you score a goal in the 90th minute , 1-1 , for example, is to let everyone throw on what this player scored a goal and that expressed emotions bullpen
    6. After a sharp entrances marks on the grass and on T-shirts players
    7.Bundesliga Premier League and the Spanish League to be very well mapped and all the stadiums in these leagues and especially in the Bundesliga
    8.Hair players have to move and are to be made ​​as to the truth to be arranged
    9.Do that every player has the same style of play as the truth

  43. Do Reusowi this hairstyle

  44. intelligence but to add the players were really intelligent

  45. 1. mapped perfectly bundesliga Spanish league and premier league
    2. Bundesliga and the Spanish league, premier league all stadiums well mapped
    3.ślady after wślizgach and sharp entrances and traces of grass and mud on T-shirts players
    4. The spray, which the judge appointed to where you want to become a wall and the ball which disappears after 15 min
    5. Hair players have to move
    6.gdy the ball on the ground goes into the goal is to let of these pipes is reflected on the ground that hold up the grid and make it fly
    7. better grid made ​​when the ball falls to her
    8. improve burned because sometimes plays the ball to another player and it runs out DDO is a striker and burned
    9. The goal is trembling after a strong shot in the post or crossbar
    10 new costumes and caps to players once they were in the new clubs
    11.dodać Brazilian league
    12. Each player has their own style to the way they really

  46. reus to have this hairstyle

  47. servers to improve the ultimate team

  48. add indian foolball leauge such as ileauge and fed cup

  49. please make substitution option in player career. in FIFA 15 , the player can only play the match from starting or is not picked for the match. he should be on the substitute bench.

  50. Career Mode:

    –A more story mode style career. Would be cool to be able to go to training sessions and attend meetings and press conferences with your character. And Warm up before a match in a crowd filled stadium. Manager and teammate encounters and scenarios would be cool too!

    –SportsCenter type of cutscene where analysts talk about the upcoming matches and your pro.

    –More accurate transfers

    Pro Clubs:

    –Practice mode or Friendly matches with AI or friends.

    –Add a Competitive weekly tournament where Clubs can compete for special trophy’s.

    –More Customization Options! ( Kits, Colors, Crests, Banners etc)

    –Allow online players to see your downloaded gameface.

    –Player contracts and or currency and it would be used to purchase in game content for your pro ( boots, hairstyles, beards, boosts) Would be cool to win a league title or cup and get rewarded for your efforts/goals/assists and use it towards your Online Pro.


    Fix Goal Keepers
    Fix Unresponsive defenders
    New animations
    Better Celebration Cameras
    Licenses for most National Teams ( Portugal, Colombia etc)
    Add Portuguese Stadiums ( Benfica, Porto, Sporting)
    New Menus
    New & Better Practice Arena
    Animations and camera time for managers
    NEW COMMENTATORS! (Ray Hudson lol)

    New Ideas:

    –Maybe an open world field where players can walk around and do pick up 5v5’s and recruit.

    –Let you control your character when you argue with a ref or player after a foul or booking. (up close camera )

    –Let you run up and celebrate with Fans or Bench

    –CO-OP skill Games

    I’m sure there’s many more ideas and changes but some of these would be awesome in the game.

    As long as its not the same old game with a new paint job!

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