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FIFA 15 News Roundup #6

The FIFA 15 Closed Beta went live earlier this week on Xbox 360 and Xbox One! Beta participants were randomly chosen and contacted by email invite with a special code to access the beta. The lucky fans got the chance to try out the following game modes: Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Career Mode and Online Seasons.
fifa 15 closed beta1

The beta code can’t be sold/loaned/traded because the code is linked to the account that has been sent to so don’t fall for scams!

Following the release of the closed beta some of those lucky users took screens of the game and released them on the web and bellow we have some of them:

Main FIFA 15 Start Screen
Bv Ej Vs2 CUAAXVKh jpg large

FIFA 15 Wheater: Winter
Bvpa Rmm IQAAKe F0

FUT 15 Game Mode
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*Player ratings are NOT FINAL!*
More FUT 15 screens can be viewed here.

New Faces
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The rest can be found here.

Also, EA Sports released the following high quality screens this week plus a special FIFA 15 wallpaper for Chelsea fans:
0334911965414 832639090087700 4951553376189714436 o10499495 832003243484618 7506090958402567264 o10504869 10152395518373822 6622596814576455452 o10548332 10152395518358822 3160470350897614111 o10633616 10152234145111345 831955425117846858 oBug MFv WIg AAJ3ka jpg largefifa15 xboxone ps4 authenticplayervisual hazardfifa 15 1408632151248 1600x9001408640365 14987005792 308c7e2986 o

With all of these news on the Next Gen version of FIFA 15 we forgot about the current gen version of FIFA 15 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Bellow we have all the features that will be present in the current gen version:


Gameplay: Player Control

  • Agility and Control: Our most responsive FIFA yet. Players react and move with closer control and balance when on the ball.
  • Man-to-Man Battles: Tackles are now more rewarding and physical. Possession Tackles allow you to keep the ball after winning a challenge. You’ll feel the battle with new shoulder barges and crunching big fall physics.
  • Correct Contacts: Ball movement in FIFA changes the game. Now every dribble, touch, pass, shot and deflection will see accurate movement according to what the ball last touched. You’ll see accurate spin, curl and varied ball trajectories.
  • Set Piece Control: Take control of players receiving the ball during throw-ins, corners and free kicks, and place them in better positions.

Unrivalled Intelligence

  • Team Management: An all new Team Management system gives you greater control andpersonalisation of different squads.
    • Team Sheets: Available in Career Mode on Xbox 360 and PS3, you can customise up to five different Team Sheets per club and easily alter your strategy for the next match.
    • Instructions: Up to four attacking and defending player instructions can be applied to each of the ten outfield players. These instructions let you manage the attacking runs and defensive positions players take on the pitch and gives you deeper customisation options for how your team sets up.
    • Formations: Preset formations for any of your custom squads and pick the best to take on your next opponent.
    • Roles: Easily set roles like captain, set-piece and penalty takers for each of your squads.
    • Tactics: Set a default Team Tactic to each of your Team Sheets in Career Mode so your game plan is locked before hitting the pitch.
  • Team Tactics – Adjust your team’s strategy on the fly. All new tactics “Park the Bus” and “All Out Attack” are just some of the tactics fans can utilize in matches in FIFA 15. Change your team’s mentality and have them adapt to any situation.

Incredible Visuals

  • Authentic Player Visuals: The FIFA 15 development team has brought the Next Generation footballer to Xbox 360 and PS3. New character models and body rigging mean players appear more lifelike, powerful and athletic, while their kits will become dirty with mud and grass.

Unmatched Authenticity 

  • Barclays Premier League: All 20 stadiums, an extra 200 new 3D player faces, Goal Line Technology and a stunning broadcast feel.
  • Turkish Süper Lig: Our most requested league returns to FIFA with all 18 teams featured,

Game Modes

Full list of modes available for FIFA 15 on Xbox 360 and PS3:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team – Loan Players, Concept Squads, Friendly Seasons and Legends (Xbox One and Xbox 360 only). See what’s new in FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Career Mode – managing your squad and finding players even more authentic.
  • EA SPORTS Football Club – share news and interact with your friends, and shop for unlockable items using the new EA SPORTS FC contextual widget.
  • Tournament Mode – returns to FIFA 15 with all new tournaments.
  • Online Seasons – compete online in a season format. Now with the Guest Play option to compete with friends on your team.
  • Online Friendlies – compete online against your friends.
  • Co-Op Seasons – compete online with a friend in 2v2 matches.
  • Skill Games – new Skill Games added to the popular practice mode including four new games that cover the basics – dribbling, shooting, passing, defending.
  • Kick Off – jump straight in to play head-to-head offline against a friend or the AI.
  • Learn-to-Play (FIFA Basics)
  • Practice Arena – practice 1v1 situations against the keeper.

As you could notice Pro Clubs mode won’t be available in FIFA 15 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Pretty tough decission from EA to remove it.
10511421 10152662730264288 1649232196131936372 o
fifa 15 1408632144262 1600x900fifa 15 1408632146892 1600x900fifa 15 1408632148938 1600x900

EA Sports will be more serious regarding coin buying and selling in FUT 15 and published the following open letter to all FIFA fans telling us the risks of selling and buying coins as well the effects of the autobuyers on the FUT market:


Hello FIFA fans.

With FIFA 15 on the horizon, we’d like to take some time to remind everyone about the rules of the game and introduce you to some actions we’ll be taking to address cheating in EA SPORTS™ FIFA titles.

Although they are a minority amongst FIFA fans, cheaters disrupt the gameplay experience and enjoyment for honest FIFA fans in a number of ways. These include things like overloading servers, phishing and compromising other player accounts, and participating in the unauthorized exchange of virtual currency. It’s time for us to draw a clear and strong line against cheaters who negatively impact the FIFA experience for our millions of players online.

FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT)

The Effects of “Bots” on Ultimate Team

Aside from manipulating in-game exploits in FIFA Ultimate Team, cheaters use online tools known as “bots” to automatically buy items off the Transfer Market and farm coins with the intention to sell. These illicit coins are often sold online for real money through Coin Selling websites.

As most of you know, trading in the FUT Web App (the online web portal for FIFA Ultimate Team) has been unavailable since May 9, 2014. We chose to deactivate Web App trading due to the severe Transfer Market search issues caused by coin-farming bots.

Bots make an incredibly high number of Transfer Market searches and bids at rates significantly higher than what is humanly possible. The FUT infrastructure is designed to provide an optimal experience with human parameters in mind.

However, our data shows that these bots generate four times as many Transfer Market searches than all human FUT players combined. This severely impacts the game and your playing experience on a daily basis and leads to side effects that you may have experienced, such as…

The use of bots and third party bot services to automatically buy Transfer Market items in order to gain an unfair advantage is a form of cheating. Gamers detected using bots, third party bot services, or scripts for any purpose will be subject to our ban process below.

Bots used to farm coins diminish the FIFA experience for honest gamers.

Coin Buying and Selling

Buying and selling coins is not authorized and amounts to cheating in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Buying coins, selling coins, or promoting Coin Selling violates our Terms of Service and, if caught, will result in an FUT account ban (or even a full EA account ban), either immediately or after a warning or FUT Club reset. Engaging in these activities can result in your entire FUT Club, FUT account, and FIFA online access being banned.

Since February 2014, we’ve banned hundreds of thousands of FIFA 14 accounts for coin selling and buying. Our goal is to educate our fans about the dangers of coin selling and buying while informing all players of our Terms of Service and ban process.

The following outlines the banning process for accounts that violate our Terms of Service.

To check if your account has been banned, please access your EA SPORTS Football Club Alerts from the FIFA 14 main menu for a notification. An email will also be sent to your Origin email address within 24-72 hours of action being taken, including an account ban.

If you believe you were wrongfully banned, you can dispute your ban here.

Promoting Coin Selling Sites

The promotion of coin selling websites is also against our Terms of Service. If you see a video that promotes coin-selling please report it along with the gamer’s Xbox/PSN gamertag or Origin ID so we can investigate: [email protected]

Risks of Buying Coins

Some gamers choose to buy coins in order to gain an upper hand in FUT. However, buying coins diminishes the enjoyment of FUT for all players, creates an unfair advantage, and impacts the balance of the game.

Participating in coin buying can be unsafe. Some coin sellers have been found to be involved in phishing and account compromise activities. We are not and never have been affiliated with any coin seller or coin selling websites, and cannot take responsibility for your personal information being compromised as a result of any transaction you undertake with these sites.

Please follow these tips to keep your FUT account as safe as possible. On Origin, setting a new Security Question and registering for Two-Factor Authentication will also greatly improve the safety of your account.

Our Next Steps

Moving forward, we will be more proactive in taking action, including banning accounts, against players engaged in coin buying, coin selling, coin promoting, and the use of bots.

Our main goal is to counteract bots and resolve in-game exploits used to farm coins. This is an on-going process but the wheels are already in motion. Our team is constantly investigating ways to track them and keep them out of FUT.

As we work to improve FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, we are making security and Transfer Market health a top priority in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

PC Match Cheating

“Match cheating” is a method cheaters use to record false match results in FIFA Ultimate Team on PC. We’re currently investigating new anti-cheating tools and measures to implement in the future. Gamers caught match cheating on PC will receive a permanent FIFA online ban.

Pro Clubs

In Pro Clubs, a mode played by some of our most dedicated fans, cheaters use exploits to boost the stats of their in-game avatars known as Online Virtual Pros. In FIFA 14, we’ve been able to make progress in terms of improving security and keeping cheaters out of Pro Clubs. Gamers caught cheating on Pro Clubs will receive a permanent FIFA online ban. 

FIFA Interactive World Cup

The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) is the biggest online gaming tournament in the world. Participants from every continent battle it out to be crowned the best FIFA player.

Cheaters can falsify match results in order move up the FIWC leaderboards. To ensure a level competitive environment, the FIWC leaderboards are cleaned bi-weekly for cheaters.

As mentioned before, from here on we’ll be more proactive in upholding our Terms of Service and banning those who violate the Terms of Service. We plan on giving you regular updates on our progress against cheaters throughout the year.


The FIFA Team

fut coin selling Lead Asset

It looks like the mobile version of FIFA 15 will be named FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and will be released on the market in the usual freemium format but without spending money to unlock other game modes. The main feature  of the game will be the ” Fast Simulation ” mode that will give you the ability to play through an AI simulation match with your FUT squad where you can also take decisions in the middle of the game by changing the team tactics or effort. As well you will be able to see how each player from your team play during the game as you can see in the next screens:
FUT 15 Simu 1
FUT 15 Simu 2
This feature is very similar to the FIFA Superstars facebook app where you could simulate in the same way your matches in the league. The FIFA mobile producers also decided to remove the screen controls and switch to a control system based on virtual buttons. An 1-on-1 mode will always be available in the game!
News Source: FGB

Seven new game covers have been released this week, all of them featuring Messi as the main cover star being joined by the following players: Eden Hazard (UK), Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland), David Alaba (Austria), Michal Kadlec (Czech Rep.), Javier Hernandez (Mexico), Arturo Vidal (South America) and Atsuto Uchida (Japan).
10614190 873443216017761 8148886208510384861 n10505084 10152659485049288 2610761396838874046 o10344386 10152629703583754 1802827467216040117 o10548966 10152657316234288 5809060878550240205 oA459 10fifa 15 cover latin americaFIFA15 Cover

Bellow you can find some FIFA 15 related interviews and articles that we thought to be interesting:

FUT 15 – Coin Selling Interview

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Coin Making Method for the Start of FUT 15

 –Interview with FIFA 15 Lead Producer Sebastian Enrique

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That ends our sixth FIFA 15 news roundup post lads. Be sure to stay close and follow us on twitter and facebook for the official FIFA 15 demo release date. Also don’t forget to check out our FIFA 15 gameplay videos post for more gameplay footage.

See you next week with more news!

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