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The first news roundup about FIFA 13 is here!We have searched on the web and collected all the info related to FIFA 13 and here’s what we’ve found until now:

On 4th of June EA will officially present FIFA 13 to the public and press at the E3 Expo from Los Angeles.The press conference will be available in live streaming on the official websites of E3 and EA Sports!

Last week EA Sports hold a secret showcase of FIFA 13 in London where game journalists and popular fifa youtubers were invited to try FIFA 13 for the first time!

Some of the lucky persons who had this special invitation were the game journalist Paul Rayment (PR Manger at Dubit),christrout91,the famous FIFA & C.O.D youtuber and the guys from 360-gamer.com who posted some pics and info about the new game on Facebook and Twitter from the secret conference:

– “FIFA 13 is more realistic.
– “The gameplay looks good, many improvements and increased realism.
– “Unfortunately, they didn’t want to go into details on the various game modes, but I at least had some good info on FIFA 13.
– “The tactical defending is not cancelled.”

Credits to FifaGamersBlog & VideoGamesZone for the pics and info!

Also Andrew Wilson, the senior vice president of EA Sports confirmed that Move (PS3) & Kinect (Xbox 360) will be introduced in FIFA 13!

About the licenses,in FIFA 13 we will have 3 new leagues!The Czech & Turkish leagues will return in FIFA 13 after their removal in FIFA 12 because of the license agreement in the case of the Czech League and the license ban of the Turkish League after the corruption scandal.This year EA Sports managed to sign a new license agreement with the Czech football federation and the Turkish League lifted the license ban.The third league that will be available in the future title of FIFA is the Zain Saudi League,the Saudi Arabia first football league!The news was confirmed by the official website of Saudi Pro League and they said that FIFA 13 will contain all 14 teams of their first league plus 2 teams from their second league for a total of 16 new teams!Also the staff of EA Sports traveled to Saudi Arabia and completed the face capture of the most important players of the Saudi Pro League and their specific faces will be available in the upcoming FIFA title.

Thanks to our friends from FIFAKulte for the info!

In the marketing department,after last year’s sponsorship with Swindon Town, EA Sports signed their second sponsorship contract with a professional football club,this time with Leyton Orient,that will have the FIFA 13 logo on their away shirt!

Credits to footballshirtculture.com for the picture!

Lastly there are some rumors about a new mode called Be-A-Referee but there is nothing confirmed yet!

So guys,what to you think about the new leagues,the Move & Kinect for FIFA 13 and the so-called Be-A-Referee mode?Please leave your comments bellow!

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  1. ea plzzzz add new leages to fifa 13 its not fair why does pes get romania and ukran and finland we need these on fifa ea it sucks with out these teams all leages would be good get them on tonght or tomrrow and new leages to fifa 13 not the same ones if u dont ea i wont be getting fifa agen its not fair for this football fans is there all fifa is the same league but we want diffreunt ok EA

  2. Its good that EA’s included at least one league from Asia, it kind bugs me to see EA being kinda Euro-centric, bores me to some levels playing it, and I hope they start working on south America, I heard more argentinian teams to be added

  3. On wiki it says Chinese Super League is in it too, but still, the Saudi League?!?! Interesting to see how that feature panns out 😛


  5. Add the Conference!!! Obv not North and South how complicated.. :S
    The teams in Conference are not of highest quality and some may say bringing in teams and players from all the conference may be a waste of effort, but i dont feel like 4 leagues is enough tbh!
    Think about it; managing a conference side and going thru 4 promotion phases.. id personally love it
    +, all the fans of conf teams wud b tempted to buy it, just saying..

  6. in wikipedia,it was said that the Chinese and Ukrainian league,Scottish first division will be added,is it true????????

  7. Hi EA, I think you need to include more of the asian teams and international teams, Its really unfair on people who are looking to do careers etc with teams that are not on there… and I think you should include the chinese league aswell or atleast a couple of the teams like Shangi Shenua who now has Drogba and Anelka. But please think about the Japanese league! they have some amazing players as well as the International team!

  8. Please add more leagues and national team of BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA. some nice players playing on that side

  9. EA would love youse to put Bosnia and hercegovina in the national team soome class players are there …alo the chinese league would be amazing to have since its improving dramaticly 🙂

  10. try and keep sarbeai on fifa 13 iv seen it on wik and gharna im a birmingham fan and zigic is searbia ea plezz try and keep them on wik fifa fan have neavy uset sierba league and ghana league

  11. Hey EA,’think there shall be a option of managing a National Team!!! 🙂

  12. HI EA with fifa 13 u sohuld add new leagues on fifa 13 like cupyes ukiran league the ones what was on wik yesterday all we want inf fifa 13 we want them leages as u can see ea this is more like fifa 11 a bit we need fifa 13 teams we want to imporve the leagues more and we need blue square premaer league now im taliking fifa 13 with new teams u cornt just bring in saudi arabia lets have a cupol of new leages i want to see it on there iv played nealy all these teams i want to play ass ukrain and cupres and in rest of world the teams in there are ok we need new teams is well like hungrey and srebira teams is well thats a fifa 13 to me

  13. please add chilean and argentinian leagues, the best players como from there, and universidad de chile is one of the best teams in south america, it must be on fifa 13

  14. Why you not add Ukrainian League, J-League, Finnish League and full Greek league?

  15. please ad scottish football league first division

  16. jmett:

    please ad scottish football league first division

    Please dont… We dont want to see boring poor leagues like scottish… We need south american leagues with teams from copa libatadores not mickey mouse scottish and serbian rubbish

  17. jmett:

    please ad scottish football league first division

  18. Hey fifa, i want the Ukrainian League, with shakhtar, dynamo kyiv and dnipro dnipropetrovsk are good teams. And add some stadiums, like Constant vandenstock (RSC Anderlecht), Estádio da Luz (Benfica), Estádio do Dragão (FC Porto) and maybe if the ukrainian league comes add the Donbass Arena (Shakhtar Donetsk). Think about it will, i would appreciate that.


  19. I forget something, will you add good european teams of bad leagues (like serbia, croatia, finland, etc.) to the remaining teams (world).

    That was it.

  20. And please add the Stade Louis II (AS Monaco)

  21. Ad the NASL(USA Tier II) This fan would be very happy. I am getting into Soccer(Football) and it’s hard to pick any one team to be so it get’s old and quick. Best part of Fifa12 was Career Mode and the UEFA 2012 add-on…I played more UEFA then any other mode…and Create a Team should be on the system not a computer. game kept freezing when trying to get my Minnesota Stars FC team in the game.

  22. please add be a referre and ukraine league

  23. add shanghai senhua & shakhter donetsk.

  24. add the chile league it is good

  25. Idiots!!! why Including the saudi league,when the Ukrainian league is in the top 10 european leagues with teams like Dynamo Kiev,Shakhtar,Metallist.. sAUDI league? they play football?!

  26. Please add be a referee mode and airtrticity league first division in Ireland

  27. Hi I would like EA to FIFA 13 and Slovakia Slovak team league there are her players in the Slovak national team Marek Hamsik Martin Skrtel choked ked not least the league Slovak team 2010 World Cup in southern Africa, bit the top teams sveta when you add them to the super.

  28. i think this year fifa should put the turkish league back into the game teams in turkey are very good teams galatasaray,fenerbahçe,beşiktaş, these teams have a very good reputation galatasaray won the uefa cup in 2000 and fenerbahçe has reached up to the semi finals beşiktaş has got a very good history at the uefa cup and the champions league i do not know why in fifa 12 the turkish league had vanished i dont know why but in turkey people really like fifa. Turkey would really appreciate if the turkish league would come back.

    sincerely turkish people.

  29. I think there should be
    Saudi League
    Ukraine League
    UAE pro League
    Blue Square Premier
    Canadian Football League(CFL)
    Romanian Leauge
    J.LEAUGE (Japan)

    National Teams:
    North Korea

    Career Mode
    Be a referee
    Be the linesmen

  30. Oh for gods sakes be a ref?? This is why most if not all EA games suck because of people’s crazy ideas.

  31. ea the two new teams i like to see is greeksuper league and criupys leagues beacoues thay got good players

  32. I think the Saudi national team will appear too!

  33. “This is why most if not all EA games suck because of people’s crazy ideas.”

    Most are good ideas…go somewhere else if you just wanna slag off EA games.

  34. it would be nice to have the South African league on fifa!! gets boring just having Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates

  35. Add Ghana in fifa international teams they’ve done really well this year and I would like to see them in the game. And for once i’d like to see Kevin Prince Boateng with his original haircut,always forget the mohawk on top. Also head to head matches fix that please i hate it when my opponent is always real madrid.

  36. I wanna see the Turkish and the Czech leagues. There are totally massive players playing in the Turkish League and i want to have them in my game, also Galatasaray and Fenerbahce’s stadiums are badasses! Get them back ASAP!

  37. I think FIFA needs more competetive leagues like Ukraine, Greece, Argentina, Japan, Qatar, 2 of Portugal, Romenia, Cyprus and need to have the licenses of UEFA competitions. It needs mode party again.

  38. Why EA doesn’t include the south african league lyk PSL league this is so unfair the are only 2 south african teams Orlando pirates and Kaizer cheifs we are so tired of them please make a plan EA to make our dream come true

  39. plz put uruguayan leagues and fix our emblem cuz its not a flag… u had it perfectly in fifa world cup south africa…

  40. Hi FIFA, thinknabout this ok….

    I want this leagues:

    Cypriotic First Division. (Cyrpus)
    Gambrinus Liga. (Czech Republic)
    J-League. (Japan)
    PSL League. (South Africa)
    If it’s possible the Jupiler League. (Netherlands Second Division)

    And add some new stadiums:

    Stade Louis II. (AS Monaco)
    Estadio da Luz. (SL Benfica)
    Estadio José Alvalade. (Sporting CP)
    Estadio do Dragao. (FC Porto)
    White Hart Lane. (Tottenham Hotspur)
    New GSP Stadium. (APOEL Nicosia)
    Lerkendal Stadion. (Rosenborg BK)
    Råsunda Stadion. (AIK)
    Stade de la Mosson. (Montpellier HSC)

    And add the brown face of Olivier Giroud, that face what he had on FIFA 12 is uggly!

    Plzzzzz add APOEL Nicosia to the Rest of World teams if the Cypriotic first division not been added in FIFA 13………. Plzzzzz

    I would appreciate if you look and do something with that ok?

  41. Ohh and please add the Ukrainian Premier League.

  42. turkish league is back.. they were only band as well as czech because of scandal of match fixing and cheating.. now these teams like fener and besiktas will be back.. galatasaray was still in fifa 12 listed in “the rest of the world” teams

  43. please put the greek superleague in fifa 13, last time you had put it was in 2001

  44. all greeks will apriciate such a change


  46. I would definetly like to see Bosnia in this game. I’m a female gamer and I’ve bought FIFA 13 just because I thought there would be the awesome bosnian team with sexy Begovich and Dzeko!

  47. why can the Cyprus league not be added to the fifa game i have been waiting and waiting and nothing. cyprus teams have been in the champions league and europa league and should be good enough to be in the fifa game

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