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.:: FIFA 13 E3 Trailer ::.

Check out the first official FIFA 13 trailer:

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  1. This is an insane trailer! These are the updates we wanted:
    new faces, better graphics, more realistic ai!

    This will be the best game in FIFA ánd PES history! Preorder!

  2. FIFA 13 fantastic game . The best game in the world.
    Panama is FIFA 13 .

  3. Fantastic game, na espectativa.

  4. Yeah, major improvements! Perhaps the main theme: performance issues. Certainly, demo got answers…

  5. the game is very beautiful!

  6. I wish that FIFA 14 will include UEFA CL Mode

  7. It may include Uefa CL since the partnership with Konami expires.

  8. this is the game that every one should play it ,it is bast ,fantastic,outstanding and it is batter than pes to play.

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