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With the end of the press conference of EA at the E3 2012 we’ve got more news about the features that FIFA 13 will have!

The first feature presented at the E3 is the Kinnect (Xbox 360) compatibility with FIFA 13:

  • Voice Commands: Administer your squad the way real-world managers organize their clubs during a match. Use voice commands to instantly activate tactics, change formations, or initiate substitutions, and enjoy the strategic advantage of managing your club without pausing the game.
  • Pitch Commands: Think, react and play like a professional footballer utilising voice commands on the pitch in Be A Pro mode. Shout for a pass, send a teammate on a run or call for a shot the way real footballers communicate on the pitch.
  • Referee Feedback: Referees and linesmen are influenced by what they hear. Coarse language directed towards an official may be mentioned by commentators or influence a referee’s strictness and decision-making around fouls and bookings, the same way it does in real life. Plus, storylines will develop in Career Mode when players and managers let their emotions get the better of them.

Check out the next video that shows you how the Kinnect works with FIFA 13:

Pay attention at 1:35 and you can see the manager visible on the side of the pitch!

Now let’s pass to the real FIFA 13 presentation where Matt Bilbey presented the new improvements of the EA SPORTS Football Club that will be available with Ultimate Team 13 as an application for iPhone,iPad & Android!One great feature will be the ability to carry your Fifa 12 online level to Fifa 13 when it releases!Also you will be able to earn rewards with the new EASC Reward System where you can unlock items from the new Football Club Catalogue such as kits, special celebrations, virtual pro attribute boosts, Career Mode super scout credits, FIFA 13 Ultimate Team coin boosts, and extra matches in Head-to-Head Seasons mode.Bellow you can check some screens featuring everything we just said:

And here is the full FIFA 13 Press Conference from the E3 2012 Expo:

That’s it folks!See you soon with more news regarding FIFA 13!

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  1. it will be the be a refferee mode?

  2. Will there be a Javier Pastore face capture?

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