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.:: FIFA 13 News Roundup ::.

Lots of news for you today regarding the upcoming FIFA title!Check out the latest FIFA 13 news:

Today EA Sports will present FIFA 13 at the E3 Press Conference in Los Angeles.You can view the conference in live streaming here starting at 8PM UTC.You’d better stay tuned to this,because EA Sports will have one big new announcement regarding FIFA 13 and also you will be able to see the first official trailer of it!

Last week it was confirmed that FIFA 13 will have new French commentators!SoFoot announced that Hervé Mathoux and Franck Sauzée will be the new FIFA 13 French version commentators while BaixakJogos confirmed that FIFA 13 will be available in Brazilian Portuguese language!Also there are chances that Brazilian commentators will be added in FIFA 13!
Credits to our friends from FIFAKulte and UniversoKits for the heads up!

To all Tottenham fans out there we have a great surprise for you!OPM confirmed that White Hart Lane will be available in FIFA 13!Beside that,the same source confirms that now is possible to set the time at which matches kick-off anywhere from midday to 10pm in the evening, in half hour increments.This suggests that FIFA 13 may include a real-time lighting model similar to MLB 12: The Show, where the sky darkens as evening falls.

In the next video you will see some FIFA 13 gameplay!The quality isn’t the best one but pay attention to the monitors in the background:

And here we have two video interviews with the FIFA 13 Producer,David Rutter and the gameplay producer Aaron McHardy,talking about the main features of the FIFA 13 gameplay:

Source: OPM

Source: Gamer.nl

We end this post with some FIFA 13 gameplay impressions from various websites:

Venturebeat – FIFA 13 makes key adjustments for a more-realistic soccer game

Guardian – E3 2012: Fifa 13 hands-on preview

PCGamer – Fifa 13 screenshots show many well paid men doing things to balls

IGN – FIFA 13: Predicting the Unpredictable

OPM – FIFA 13 PS3 preview: hands-on impressions

T3 – FIFA 13 Review: Hands-on

ShopToNews – FIFA 13: A Closer Look with EA’s David Rutter

One last thing!EA officialy announced FIFA Manager 13!Check it out here!

Cheers and stay tuned for more FIFA 13 news!

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  1. Avatar photo

    the E3 Press Conference
    What’s the exact time for london?

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    will da pirate version be available——-or will i have to buy dat origin shit again?

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    Nice that WHL is included, but now faces for the Netherlands and the stadium of Feyenoord ‘de Kuip’… Maybe some faces for Real Madrid (Marcelo) and Barcelona and this game will be fine!

  4. Avatar photo


    the E3 Press Conference
    What’s the exact time for london?


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    The fifa 13 gameplay video you posted is not the original upload, that’s why the quality is bad. Here’s the good quality one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cogcl1S0t70

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