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.:: FIFA 12 English Commentators Confirmed! ::.

EA Sports have confirmed that Martin Tyler and former Arsenal and England striker Alan Smith will be the new commentators for the english version of FIFA 12!

Also EA Sports will introduce for the first time ever the Arabic commentary in a game from the FIFA series!

Cheers and stay tuned for more exciting news!

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    will the arabic commentary available on pc guys !?

  2. Avatar photo

    we want turkish commentary and/or turkish language support

  3. Avatar photo

    can apear a patch or original commentary with romanian commentary?for fifa 12?

  4. Avatar photo

    will the turkish commentary ?

  5. Avatar photo

    Man,i want Andy Gray back.He is the best since FIFA 2006.So this will be a sad version when we’re talking about comentary.

  6. Avatar photo

    wow!!!!!! really great news. man, i can’t wait for this one….

  7. Avatar photo

    No more Andy Gray! yay!!

  8. Avatar photo

    Yo, I read at soccergaming, that FIFA 12 will have two commentator teams. These two for league matches and Clive Tyldslay and Andy Townsend for Cup matches, true or false? :O

  9. Avatar photo

    @turkman I want turkish commentary and turkish language support too (:

  10. Avatar photo

    A sad, sad edition of the best soccer game around. No Andy Gray, and all because of a stupid commentary. Punish the guy? Yes, he deserved it? Destroy the men’s career, and livelihood? Aren’t the PC inquisitors taking things a little too far?
    We want Andy back for 2013!!!
    No human being should be destroyed because of an unfortunate moment!

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    hi, could anyone tell me if the Arabic language would be available for all the FIFA 12 versions or just specific ones?

  12. Avatar photo

    Unfortunately the Arabic commentary commentary won’t be available for PC in FIFA 12. I think the language too, but I’M NOT SURE, maybe the LANGUAGE itself will be present there.

  13. Avatar photo

    will the arabic commentary available on pc guys !?

  14. Avatar photo

    I just said it will not, why did you ask the same question ? 😐
    Jesus …

  15. Avatar photo

    but they said fifa 12 pc =fifa12 xbox and ps3

  16. Avatar photo

    they said fifa12 pc=fifa12 xbox 360 and ps3 and admin said yes !!!!!!

  17. Avatar photo

    The Arabic commentary is the only console-only option in FIFA 12.

  18. Avatar photo

    Well, I don’t really know why consoles always have something ahead of PC, although EA showed more affection towards PC gamers on their BF3, but seriously, for FIFA consoles always have that extra dressing…

  19. Avatar photo

    fifa 12 arabic for pc what …..

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