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New FIFA 14 Game Mode Revealed

EA Sports revealed earlier today a new revolutionary game mode for FIFA 14!

*NOTE* Everything you read bellow may be related to April Fools Day!


Be a ball mode – Take total control of the game.

The new ” Be A Ball ” game mode will allow you to choose exactly where YOU will hit the net, avoid players you don’t like or even slow down if the direct pass is too accurate.

This amazing new game mode have different mini games included in FIFA 14 like:

– Avoid players with 4-star technical skills challenge
– Pretend to roll in rain mode
– Stop before the goal line challenge

The lead producer David Rutter said: “I’ve never thought about it until a few months ago when this wild idea came up to me. Players don’t hit the net, the ball does! The ball sacrifices in each game, it gets kicked by all the players on the field and in the end the ball is the real hero in every football match. That is why we want to honor it with this special game mode.”

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So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to be a real Adidas Tango Ball? Are you excited about this new game mode? Leave your comments bellow.

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  1. april april huhuhu soooo funny damien hahahahaga.. not!

  2. Yeah right, APRIL FOOLS PRANK!

  3. april fools prank…

  4. These will play a total game control manual controls 100% bone. I hope so, eliminate once and for all the automismos the game.

  5. yeah .. ‘be a gate’ mode .. funny,anyway!

  6. be a spectator mod….. lol…

  7. lol….
    i think 99% of this april fool idea came from KSI video……he made this kind of video last year…

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