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FIFA 23 Review: Impressions of the Game, Careers, New Technologies

Find out all the details about FIFA 23. Our impressions, new engine and features and much more.

Every year a new FIFA comes to the market. Every year they manage to capture the fans’ attention with new technologies and improved graphics. As if this were not enough, they launched new game modes that undoubtedly revolutionize the industry. Throughout this article, we will talk about FIFA 23 and everything that the titan of soccer games has brought this year.

FIFA 23 Review: General Analysis

It is important to be clear and honest when analyzing FIFA. While it is true that it is an amazing game, the differences from previous years are minimal. Only the most regular players are able to appreciate them. The “casual” FIFA player may not detect many of the changes that the great franchise has incorporated in its new title.

Undoubtedly, what stands out the most are the graphics. The FIFA 23 engine has also changed, but this can only be taken advantage of if you play from the latest generation consoles. Many players are still playing on PS4 and XBOX One and, for them, there will not be so many changes.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The game mode that brings the most changes every year is Ultimate Team. In this mode, players will be able to build their team. But that’s not all, they will be able to open packs as if it were an online casino lottery. If you are a fan, not only of FIFA but also of online casinos, do not hesitate to know the new casinos in Greece to enjoy a unique gaming experience.

Ultimate Team is one of the most fun modes of the game because with your team you will compete with other rivals, complete challenges and much more. It goes without saying that there is a “competitive” mode for the most TOP players, in which you can measure your level, Fut Champions. This was already in previous editions, but in FIFA 23 the rewards have changed, making this mode more interesting than ever.

In this FIFA 23, new chemistry styles and new legends have arrived to the game. You will be able to create your team and combine current players with new legends such as Jairzinho. Undoubtedly, these changes are what make the game sell millions of units every year.

While it is true that there are other online game modes, such as seasons, cooperative seasons or VOLTA, all players looking to get the most out of the online gameplay Ultimate Team, as it is the most complete mode and offers the widest range of gameplay options.

FIFA 23 Career Mode Review

Many players do not enjoy playing online and prefer to create a career mode. In the career mode, there are some interesting new features. Of course, as in previous editions, you can create a career mode in which you are the protagonist as a player and as a coach. Each has different functions, so if you like this mode, we recommend you try both, as both are complete and interesting.

One of the things that has been improved is the decision-making of the AI. Some users complained that the decisions, besides being arbitrary, were incorrect on many occasions, which made some seasons unreal. Now, with improved AI, this has been fixed.

Finally, mention the incredible player personality feature. This is a key change that will make you enjoy a unique experience when playing a FIFA 23 career mode with your player. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to change the player’s personality, making him in your image and likeness. Of course, the decisions you make will change your character and, with it, the course of your career. The FIFA 23 engine and these features make playing a career mode more realistic than ever.


Only true FIFA fans appreciate the changes the franchise makes every year. FIFA is a game that has been on the market for more than 25 years and making relevant changes every year is not easy. FIFA 23 aims to be one of the best games in recent years, but this cannot be confirmed until the months pass and the opinions of the players can be analyzed. Improved graphics, new players, new FIFA 23 engine … there are many changes that FIFA has made in its game to make the player enjoy a different gaming experience. For any fan of soccer and video games, FIFA 23 is a must-have.

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