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New FIFA 23 Title Update Announced

Not even a week after the last title update, we have a new one on its way in FIFA 23.

Title Update #4 will drop soon in FIFA 23 and will include lots of changes for most game modes. Beside the gameplay tuning, EA Sports has finally addressed the player potential and sharpness bugs in Career Mode and the AntiCheat issues on PC.

Here’s the full patch changelog:

FIFA Ultimate Team

Made the following changes:

  • Added a Win-Loss counter in the FUT Champions hub that tracks performance for the current Play-Offs and Finals competitions.
  • Updated some UI elements in the FUT Store and added labels for Most Popular and Best Value FIFA Point bundles.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Controller and Camera Settings could incorrectly reset to default after staying in the menus for an extended period of time.
  • Some FUT Moments challenges were not tracking correctly.
  • Walkout animations did not always play as intended when opening packs.
  • The Squad Builder could sometimes place Player Items in unintended positions.
  • Out of position Concept Player Items did not display chemistry information.
  • Addressed stability issues that could occur in FUT Moments and in Objectives.
  • Public Co-Op Squads did not always display correct chemistry information, this was a visual issue only.


Made the following changes:

  • Reduced accuracy of outside of the foot shots by up to 30%.
    – Players with the Outside The Foot Shot Trait are also impacted by this change, but only by up to 10%.
  • Improved target selection logic for Semi Assisted Through Passes.
    – Semi Assisted Through Passes are now less likely to be underpowered and less likely to go to the defender’s feet.
  • Increased consistency of the Ball Roll Skill Move in first time situations.
  • Decreased input sensitivity when requesting a knock on.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Players could skip Power Shot animations by quickly requesting a Power Shot during other shooting animations.
  • When using Goalkeeper Movement, keepers could have been repositioned too quickly during corners.
  • In some cases, players could incorrectly slow down when attempting to dribble with the ball.
  • When playing as a goalkeeper, Auto Positioning did not return the keeper to the appropriate location, if it was requested after requesting to pick up the ball or manually rushing forward.
  • Players could turn with an unintended amount of speed when using the Directional Nutmeg Skill Move.
  • After making a tackle, the ball could sometimes be knocked away further than intended.
  • When attempting to shield at a high speed, a player could run over the ball when attempting to dribble with it.
  • During penalty kicks, a goalkeeper could sometimes start a potential save animation towards one direction then switch to a different direction unprompted.
  • In some situations, goalkeepers under pressure attempted and failed to catch the ball inside of the box instead of punching it when it would be more appropriate.
  • Some jostling animations did not play correctly.
    Improved assistant referee decision making when determining potential offside situations following a physical challenge.
  • Some goalkeeper animations did not play correctly when attempting to dive at a ball carrier’s feet.
  • In some situations when playing as a goalkeeper, the keeper did not attempt to make a save when they should have.
  • Adjusted some incorrect contextual actions when using the One Button Controller Settings preset.
  • In some rare situations, a player could incorrectly fail to control the ball when receiving a pass.
  • In some cases, a player’s legs did not animate correctly when jumping. This was a visual issue only.
  • When turning with the ball, the ball carrier’s legs did not always animate correctly. This was a visual issue only.
  • Improved referee logic when determining red card calls in breakaway situations.
  • In a rare scenario, a requested shot could result in a tackle instead.
  • When requesting a Power Shot in some situations where the ball could be volleyed, the Power Shot would not be performed.
  • In situations where the ball carrier was running with the ball ahead of them, when requesting a tackle, the defender could try to take control of the ball with a dribble instead of a tackle.
  • Improved referee logic when determining foul calls following risky challenges.
  • Some slide tackle animations did not display correctly. This was a visual issue only.
  • Improved referee logic when determining advantage vs penalty kick calls.
  • In rare instances, the match would not continue after the ball went out of play.
  • The Drag To Drag Skill Move did not always animate correctly. This was a visual issue only.
  • Improved referee logic when determining offside decisions if an offside player made contact with the ball as it went into the goal.
  • Increased the effectiveness of Through Passes made by CPU AI players.
  • When a player was running backwards, they could sometimes animate incorrectly. This was a visual issue only and did not impact player speed or positioning.
  • The goalkeeper could sometimes incorrectly fail to catch the ball when appropriate.
  • A penalty kick was not always given in Playable Highlights, when the ball carrier was fouled inside of the box.

FIFA World Cup

Addressed the following issues:

  • The FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarter Finals Knockout Stage bracket was incorrectly generated.
  • In some cases, players were not able to play online.
  • An incorrect kit could display when choosing a kit for Brazil.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issues:

  • Youth Player Potential could sometimes decrease regardless of their performance.
  • Center Backs were not appearing in the youth scout report.
  • Sometimes, two models of the same player could welcome new signings to the club.
  • Player Sharpness did not display correctly in Team Management during matches, this was a visual issue only.
  • The Squad Hub did not always correctly display a player’s availability following a red card.
  • Following some transfers, the financial tip could have incorrectly listed that a sum of zero could have been saved.
  • In Player Career, the Player Growth Hub did not always display Attribute increases from Activities, this was a visual issue only.
  • Objectives did not display in Player Career when two input devices were enabled.
  • For some transfers, the letter grade shown on screen was unintentionally negative.
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur in Training.


Made the following change:

  • Added a Take Me There shortcut in both Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL to allow for quick swapping between the two.

Addressed the following issues:

  • In a rare case, the Pro Clubs Skill Tree did not display the correct Attribute increases, this was a visual issue only.
  • When viewing a max level Virtual Pro from Pro Clubs leaderboards, their level could be incorrectly listed as 101.
  • Reduced ball velocity following a Power Shot in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • Some VOLTA ARCADE instructions did not display correctly.
  • [PC Only] Pro Clubs Leaderboards did not always update correctly when scrolling quickly.
  • The post match screens did not always display the correct amount of goals scored by the player Avatar.
  • The Signature Abilities descriptions did not list the advantages of the Take Flight ability.
  • Sometimes, players had to advance twice from post match screens in Pro Clubs.
  • The Avatar’s kit did not update after their name was edited in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • Sometimes, your Avatar’s Match Rating incorrectly displayed a different number between the in-game Match Rating and the post match screens.
  • Players could sometimes appear stuck in place after a VOLTA Battles match.
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur in VOLTA ARCADE.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following change:

  • Updated some kits, celebrations, balls, boots, pre-match sequences, commentary lines, head accessories, UI elements, stadiums, broadcast packages, negotiation scenes, and button callouts.
  • 1 Manager Starhead added: Erik ten Hag.
  • 140 Player Starheads added. Most of them are legacy faces that were removed previously, however the update also include some new scans and other updates for existing starheads. Here is the full list:

40962;Stargeneric Carolina Rolo
40963;Stargeneric Jessica Bernard
40964;Stargeneric Kate Westfal
40965;Stargeneric Michelle Brown
40966;Stargeneric Nikkierin Nash
40967;Stargeneric Yuerenee Lang
136686;Kim Young Kwang
138949;Antolin Alcaraz
155946;Robert Snodgrass
163303;Glenn Whelan
172316;Jorge Andujar Moreno
173373;Sergio Romero
178088;Juan Mata
179768;Charles Kabore
179844;Diego Costa
180334;Marcelo Guedes
182152;Koo Ja Chul
183465;Jack Rodwell
183491;Mathias Jorgensen
183966;Facundo Roncaglia
184037;Martin Kelly
184176;Gianni Bruno
184436;Alex Smithies
185020;Jose Callejon
186684;Kiko Olivas
187084;Mame Diouf
187132;Carlos Zambrano
188182;Leon Balogun
189061;Sascha Burchert
189606;Julian Baumgartlinger
189682;Ben Mee
191032;Gokhan Tore
191089;Connor Wickham
192317;Jed Steer
193713;Alexander Ndoumbou
195668;Joel Robles
197781;Francisco Roman Alarcon Suarez
198335;Bryan Oviedo
199561;Manuel Agudo Duran
200067;Zakaria Diallo
200315;Christian Tello
200332;Tomas Koubek
202886;Benji Siegrist
203757;Ze Luis
203775;Loris Karius
204082;John Brooks
204233;Charly Musonda
205086;Philipp Klement
205402;Paul Jean
205525;Bernard Caldeira
205705;Zouhair Feddal
206225;Denis Cheryshev
208230;Andreas Samaris
208534;Alfie Mawson
209840;Julian Jeanvier
211382;Ibrahim Amadou
211515;Pierluigi Gollini
214040;Frank Fabra
214665;Juan Edgardo Ramírez
216605;Carlos Akapo
220148;Nicolas Orsini
220334;Oscar Romero
220621;Said Benrahma
220637;Moi Delgado
220708;Brandon Borrello
221618;Lys Mousset
224540;Emmanuel Boateng
225467;Tom Beadling
226927;Li Jiayue
227204;Lola Gallardo
227275;Agustin Rossi
227453;Greta Espinoza
227776;Sandra Panos
229487;Lukas Klunter
229584;Pascal Stenzel
230672;Lyanco Evangelista Silveira Neves Vojnovic
230794;Nacho Gil
232580;Gabriel Magalhaes
233866;Odsonne Edouard
233959;Sebastian Villa
234679;Philippe Sandler
236461;Jean Mateta
236479;Maria Leon
236679;Oscar Melendo
238656;Steffen Tigges
239096;Atakan Karazor
240311;Luca Zidane
241159;Marc Guehi
242267;Jorman Campuzano
242964;Anthony Gordon
243284;Frederik Winther
243710;Garissone Innocent
244380;Vitaliy Mykolenko
245903;Harvey White
245906;Walcott Fagan
247028;Alex Kral
247479;Luca Unbehaun
247649;Jarrad Branthwaite
247827;Michael Olise
248356;Thierno Ballo
251401;Tanguy Coulibaly
251651;Luis Vasquez
251852;Karim Adeyemi
252466;Devid Bouah
253693;Conor Noss
254480;Lilian Egloff
256268;Armando Broja
256306;Omer Beyaz
256556;Ben Chrisene
258931;Haydon Roberts
259205;Naouirou Ahamada
259307;Malo Gusto
259335;Emrehan Gedikli
260014;Tim Civeja
260599;Alan Varela
260601;Exequiel Zeballos
261082;Cristian Medina
261495;Soumaila Coulibaly
261621;Luke Mbete
261745;Lasse Gunther
262029;Mohamed Sankoh
262138;Castello Lukeba
263168;Tyler Onyango
264035;Sakyi Rak
264039;Lewis Dobbin
264139;Marc Leonard
264180;Alfie Devine
264260;Brad Young
264410;Hayden Lindley
265351;Grace Moloney
266609;Tim Iroegbunam
266764;Kelly Chambers
266804;Lydia Bedford
267849;Tommi Oreilly
267968;Rehanne Skinner
268005;Jonas Eidevall
268114;Carla Ward
268352;Emma Hayes


Addressed the following issues:

  • [PC Only] Addressed instances of EA anticheat errors 5 and 740.
    – This issue was most commonly seen when installing FIFA 23 with an administrator Windows account, and then attempting to launch the game with a non-administrator account.
  • [PC Only] Addressed instances of FIFA 23 closing quickly after launch.
    – This issue was most commonly seen if game files were repaired or the Denuvo license key expired.
  • [PC Only] Controllers connected via Bluetooth could unintentionally scroll through the menus without any player input.
  • In some scenarios, away kits did not display correctly in Kick Off Team and Kit Select.
  • [PC Only] The FIFA Trainer did not function correctly when using the Keyboard or Keyboard + Mouse Controller Settings presets.
  • [PS5 Only] Reduced the default volume on DualSense wireless controllers
  • Removed some placeholder images found in Tournaments.
  • The points counter would not always display when in control of the zone in King of the Hill.
  • Updated instances of typos and placeholder text.
  • EA Social was not accessible from the FUT Champions Play-Offs Preview screen.
  • In some cases, changes to the difficulty level did not save for VOLTA FOOTBALL Kick Off matches.
  • Addressed some instances of button conflicts in menus.
  • Addressed instances of various stability issues.

The 3.31 GB update is now availableon PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (EA App/Origin/Steam/Epic Games Store).

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