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The Very Worst Rated Players in EA FC 24

For football gamers adjusting to life after FIFA, EA FC 24 appears to be the replacement they were looking for. In fact, one look on various social media platforms and in forums suggests that the community is generally happy with EA Sports’ latest product, although it will never be FIFA for many dedicated gamers in this category. Still, it has its clear merits, and considering it’s the first installment of a new franchise, there are some notable plus points.

One aspect of the game that many members of the community still enjoy is the ability to take online rivals down with a weak starting side. Tackling Division Rivals with a team made up of the worst players is certainly a challenge, but it’s something diehard soccer lovers can’t resist.

Alongside challenging themselves with options outside of EA FC 24, such as picking the best fantasy football squad for a specific weekend or trying to nail any sports betting predictions ahead of a big Premier League encounter, assembling a squad of unrecognizable names is a testing scenario many players enjoy tackling. After all, it’s a fantastic way of improving your ability on the game as you’ll find it a lot easier playing with the likes of Kylian Mbappé after attempting to score hatfuls with Leng Jixuan.

So, whether you’re keen on assembling a shockingly bad squad to take down an arrogant friend or you’re considering silencing some online competitions in Division Rivals, below is a look at some of the very worst players in EA FC 24.

Lyu Jiaqiang (CB, Shenzhen FC, 47 OVR)

Generally, in the world of football, pundits and experts alike tend to hold the view that the very best sides start by building a solid foundation at the back. If you’re keen to apply this common belief to your virtual gaming escapades, then finding a defender or three is necessary.

While we’re opting for the very worst players here, it’s still important to give your side a realistic chance of success with some defensive acquisitions that can still get the job done.

Despite having an overall rating of 47, Lyu Jiaqiang is a center-back you can call upon here, although he does have a notable weakness that many players might not be able to handle, namely his heading accuracy of 43.

Any balls into the box are likely to be dominated by opponents, particularly if you’re up against the likes of Erling Haaland. Still, for an incredibly cheap and horrifically bad defender, Lyu Jiaqiang represents a signing that comes with an enthralling challenge. 

Leng Jixuan (ST, Tianjin JMT FC, 48 OVR)

In case you were wondering just who the aforementioned Leng Jixuan is, then we’ve got you covered. Easily one of the worst strikers in the game, the Tianjin JMT FC player’s statistics aren’t what you’d want in a striker. While his pace is solid enough after being rated at 60, things tend to head further south from there.

For example, with 49 shooting, 46 dribbling, and 37 passing, you’re in for a potentially frustrating experience playing with Leng Jixuan, but if you can somehow manage to uncover the best bits in his game and reign supreme using him, then your progression will be evident.

One thing’s for sure, though; you’ll certainly require a great deal of patience when getting to grips with the Chinese player and trying to find a role for him in your side.

Bobby Pointon (LM, Bradford City, 50 OVR)

A player Bradford City fans are getting quite excited about in the real world, Bobby Pointon’s card is probably lower than it should be in the game. In fact, the League Two player’s rating makes him the worst left midfielder in the entire game. The promising 20-year-old does come with a few decent abilities, though, namely his 72 balance and 69 acceleration.

While Bobby Pointon is hoping to kick on in his career and establish himself as a key man for Bradford City in the near future, there is no doubt that he’s been treated harshly when assessing the game’s ratings. Still, if you’re after a left-sided wide player for your team, then Pointon’s your man.

Biswa Darjee (CM, Bengaluru, 47 OVR)

The midfield engine room is another area of the pitch players of the game tend to focus on. A bad player you can make your own, Biswa Darjee has a 47 rating and is capable of occupying the central midfield area of the pitch.

While some players tend to go for Mumbai City’s Chanso Horam ahead of him, we’re showing some love to Biswa Darjee, the lowest-rated rare card in the entire game at the time of writing.

With ratings of 41 for defending and 45 for passing, there isn’t much to get excited about here, but the Bengaluru player still has enough to bring something to your shockingly poor side.

Aditya Patra (GK, East Bengal, 48 OVR)

Whether it’s in FIFA 19 in more recent times or in titles like Football Manager, substandard goalkeepers are prominent professionals in the football gaming sphere. In terms of EA FC 24, East Bengal’s Aditya Patra is a shot-stopper who probably won’t stop many shots.

Although his 48 rating is matched by up to 10 other goalkeepers in the game, his small stature makes him one of the standout picks for players who have a penchant for putting together weak teams.

The third-choice goalkeeper at the Indian side, Aditya Patra should slot perfectly into your team of low-quality acquisitions.

Special mention must also go to Son Seung Woo (48 OVR), Dennis Egel (48 OVR), Brian Romero (48 OVR), Shan Huanhuan (48 OVR), Tobi Jinad (48 OVR), Divine Izekor (48 OVR), and Chen Guoliang (48 OVR).

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