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How To Beat Ultimate Difficulty In FIFA 21

Playing on Ultimate Difficulty is always a pain. Well, EA’s tagline for the ultimate difficulty is ‘ there’s only FIFA’ after all. But we have to admit that beating the AI on ultimate is one of the most satisfying feelings you will ever get from playing FIFA 21. This is because no matter the team you are playing against, all their players feel 99 rated.

That is why in this guide we will give you some useful tips to make your life a little bit easier and help you start getting those hard-earned W’s.



One thing about the Ultimate AI is that they are going to have that passing lane you are thinking of covered. This means that you may have to reduce the number of first-time passes you make. You might have to take a couple of extra touches. Just keep in mind that as much as the AI covers passing lanes, they additionally apply pressure on you. The best thing is to pass the ball back to your half to create more space and time for yourself.

Patience also applies when you are defending. Make sure you are jockeying while being conservative with your tackles. Especially in the box, the AI tends to dribble the ball close to their body baiting you to tackle before finally beating your defender and shooting. Play the waiting game with them!


2. Counterattack

For the longest time, the counterattack has been used by underdog teams to beat the better teams in football. Basically, you will be trying to catch the AI off-guard by getting the ball forward as fast as possible when they don’t have the numbers. For this to work, you have to ensure that you have pacey wingers and forwards. After that just exploit the space available to you in the wing. We like to cut inside and try to pass the ball to the arriving forwards and wingers since crosses are that effective in FIFA 21.


3. Custom tactics

You might want to try out new formations tactics if your current one is not working. We recommend 4-2-2. It’s more attacking than the widely used 4-2-3-1. As for the instructions, we like our full-backs on stay back when attacking. The same goes for at least one CDM. You can play around with the instructions and formations to find one that works best for you but 4-2-2 or 4-4-2 is a great place to start. Also the 4-3-3 formation is a good choce!

Ultimately, you have to practice before you can start getting consistent wins with these tips. You will have to endure a couple of annoying goals against you at first, but you will truly be a force to reckon with after you get the groove.

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