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FIFA 20 Servers Taken Offline By Hackers

This past week there have been no more less than five server outages across all platforms for FIFA 20, and the reason behind this issue might be a hacker group named ‘LizardSquad’.

If that name sounds familiar to you it’s because this is not the group’s first rodeo with FIFA and EA Sports. LizardSquad has quite the history with EA and after this week, it looks like they have no intention of leaving EA and their servers alone.

Following Kurt0411’s ban earlier this week, the group started attacking EA’s servers demanding the unban of the former FIFA pro player:


Following their attacks the group claims that the servers operated by EA Sports are very weak and the firewall it’s not much of an issue for them to bypass. Moreover, every EA game is linked through the same server, so when an attack like this occurs all EA games go offline:


As of now the servers are still offline with match creation disabled in FIFA 20 as EA Sports reported via twitter:

Usually it takes approximately one hour for the servers to come back online so gamers can resume their usual activities very soon.

We will keep this post live as more updates come in or you can follow us on twitter to stay updated with this story.


The servers are now fully back online and the FIFA 20 online match creation has been re-enabled across all platforms. Moreover, the Weekend League has been extended by 24 hours.

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