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FIFA 20 Servers Down Following DDoS Attack

As you may have noticed FIFA 20 is offline across all platforms including Origin and the cause of this is a DDoS attack on EA’s servers.

Initially EA announced that they have disabled FUT and VOLTA match creation due to connectivity issues:

After a few hours they responded that the reason of the major server outage is a targeted DDoS attack on all their servers that also include games like Apex Legends or Star Wars Battlefront 2:

Following this announcement they have re-enabled match creation but Origin users still had issues accessing FIFA 20:

After almost 17 hours since the initial attack, EA announced that all servers are back online again and players can resume playing their games:

Unfortunately this has been a common thing for the past year, last February EA’s servers were targeted by the infamous LizardSquad group who took offline all EA’s services for almost an entire day. As of now there have been no claims on who orchestrated today’s attack.

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