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FIFA 20 Server Release Notes

This post will cover all the server release notes in FIFA 20. These changes are applied via server and won’t feature in the usual title updates notes.

These server changes covers FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

The following issues were addressed via server releases between July 1st 10, 2020 and August 17, 2020:

  • Players were unable to send EASFC gifts to friends.
  • Resolved a kit clash occurring with the Manchester City Retro Kit.
  • In rare instances, a Quick Sold Untradable Item would give the player FUT Coins.
  • Resolved an issue where certain clothing items couldn’t be saved to an Avatar in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • Addressed the following issue for the FUT Companion App:
    • Player Items listed as rewards in Objectives were displaying incorrect Skill Move and Weak Foot Ratings.
    • In some instances, a Bid on a Player Item would incorrectly display a notification about the Bid Status.

The following issues were addressed via server releases between June 10 2020 and June 30 2020:

  • Made an adjustment intended to improve the online performance in a match that is being impacted by frequent network jitter.
  • During an online match with frequent network jitter, this change is intended to help hold a steady frame-rate and reduce visual stutters.
  • Sometimes, the Bob Marley 75th Anniversary kit would clash with referee kits.
  • Updated Alex Stevanovic’s nationality.
  • Zachary Elbouzedi’s hairstyle was not displaying correctly during match replays.
  • Addressed several miscellaneous audio issues.
  • Updated the spelling of Erling Håland’s name.

The following issues were addressed via server releases between April 24 2020 and June 8 2020:

  • Added a Game Data Center in Dallas, Texas.
    • Learn more about Game Data Centers here.
  • Added the Soccer Aid World XI FC to Kick Off, featuring a squad with some of the most renowned names in football history.
    • The team is present in the “Rest of World” category when selecting a team in Kick Off.
    • The team is only available when Live Form is set to “on.”
  • Added a selection of new kits and boots.
    • You can obtain them via following these steps:
      • Download the latest Title Update
      • Start the game and connect to EA Servers
      • Download the latest squad update by entering Kick Off, Online Seasons, or FUT, while online.
      • Boots are available in Create/Edit player and kits are updated for the affected clubs.
      • In FUT, the new kits can be earned or obtained on the Transfer market.
  • Addressed multiple audio issues.

The following issues were addressed via server releases between October 31st 2019 and April 23rd 2020:

Made the following change for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC:
– Updated multiple ICON Item Bios in FUT.

Addressed the following issues for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC:

  • The FUT Champions Friends Leaderboard was not always correctly displaying the Games Remaining for each friend.
  • FUT draft matches did not count progress towards some Objectives.
  • When claiming expired Seasonal Campaign Loan Player Item Rewards, the Loan Player Item would incorrectly change to its regular version.
  • When performing a search on the Transfer Market and backing out of the results screen, the Transfer Market filters were being reset.
  • Resolved a stability issue when opening packs.
  • The FUT Champions Channel was incorrectly displaying Bronze ranks for all matches.
  • EATV videos sometimes did not load.

This post will get updated when new notes are released.

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