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FIFA 20: New Gameplay Features Revealed

Today EA Sports revealed all the new gameplay features that we will see in FIFA 20!

Most of these features have already been announced back in June but this time we have more details on how this new gameplay content is applied in-game and, of course, a brand new trailer:

Here’s a rundown on these new features and how they work in the game:

Set Piece Refresh

Enjoy more control over the Decisive Moments that determine the outcome of every match in FIFA 20. Pick your target and time it right from the spot. Add curl, dip, or knuckle to free kicks. A new aiming mechanic gives you more creativity from dead balls.


Move with more agility. Lure the defender in. Beat them with speed or skill. New strafe dribbling adds new dimensions for attacking play in FIFA 20.


Take back possession with Active Touch Tackling and new animations that reward you for well-timed defensive play.


More clinical finishing when one-on-one. More risk with volleys and long shots. Overhauled shooting creates more realism in front of goal in FIFA 20.

Dynamic One-On-Ones

More time and space. More emphasis on your actions on the ball.

Change the course of the game in both defence and attack with increased control and more options in 1v1 situations during matches.


Win it back with better defensive support from AI-controlled players via an overhauled positioning and tackling system.


Experience more natural and realistic movement all over the pitch with innovations in player motion and positioning.

New Ball Physics

In the air. On the ground. In FIFA 20, the ball moves more naturally than ever before.


Realistic ball movement with more authentic spins and bounces create a true-to-life match experience in FIFA 20.


Curling shots. Dipping free kicks. Knuckleballs. First-time rising strikes. All made possible by the new Ball Motion System in FIFA 20.

In addition to all of these, there will also be some new skill moves like Lateral Heel to Heel or Feint and Exit, new player animations or the newly added lofted passes feature. You can discover more in-depth details on the gameplay on this Pitch Notes article from EA Sports.

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