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FIFA 16 Demo Fixes & Troubleshooting

With each year’s release of the demo there’s always some bugs or crashes and in this post we will try to help you out with them. Bellow you can find tips and bug fixes for your FIFA 16 demo:

PC Tips and Bug Fixes


  • First of all you can download the FIFA 16 demo for PC,Xbox One,PS4,Xbox 360 and PS3 here.
  • Second, be sure to check the Systerm Requirements to see if you can actuallly run the demo here.
  • Update your graphic card drivers: nVidiaAMD/ATIIntel
  • If you get the following message while installing the game, “VC++ runtime redistributable package was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue.”, go to Origin Games\FIFA 16 Demo\__Installer\vc\vc2012Update3\redist and run the vcredist_x64.exe. You can return to your Origin library and install the demo.
  • Update your Direct X version if you encounter a crash related to it! Go here to find out how.
  • If you use a generic controller and the buttons don’t match download these Xbox360 controller files and put them in your main FIFA 16 demo folder.
  • .NET Framework error? Install the latest edition of it for Win 7 or 8 from here. Alternatively try to install this Repair Tool and run it!
  • Your graphic card must support Dirext X 11 in order to run the game otherwise the game won’t start!
  • If the game crashes at the language page you need to re-install or activate Windows Media Player! Tutorial on how to do that here. The intro can’t run without WMP, so the game crashes.
  • If you get the 0xc000007b error download and copy these dll files in your Windows\System32 folder.
  • If you experience lag use D3DOverrider and enable/force tripple buffering and vsync on FIFA 16 Demo exe.
  • Make profiles for the demo on both nVidia and ATI graphic cards! For nVidia go to your graphic card control panel (right-click on desktop), go to Manage 3D Settings,Program Settings and add the FIFA 16 demo exe. For ATI download RadeonPro and make a profile with the FIFA 16 demo. If you experience heavy lag you can tweak settings on both profiles until you reach an optimal configuration for the demo to run smooth!
  • FIFA 16 demo micro stuttering fix: Through nVidia/Catalyst control panel disable multithreading optimization, disable OpenGL Tripple Buffering  and enable V-Sync for FIFA 16 demo.
  • Can’t save your resolution option at the start of the game? Go to C:\Documents\FIFA 16 Demo, open the fifasetup.ini and put your desired resolution at the RESOLUTIONHEIGHT and
    RESOLUTIONWIDTH options. Don’t forget to save the file after you did that!
  • Issues with sounds and commentaries? Try to run the game in stereo. You can set the sound to stereo by going into the settings of your audio control panel!
  • If you have two graphic cards in your computer and the game won’t start please follow the next steps: 1) Run your graphic card control panel and add/make profiles for fifaconfig.exe and fifa15.exe! 2) Run regedit (Click on Start Menu and type regedit in the search box), now change value from 1 to 0 in these two keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Windows\RequireSignedAppInitHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Windows\RequireSignedAppInit
  • 16:10 monitor owners can fix the black bars bug by following this guide or this guide.
  • If you get the ”E0001” error is because your graphic card doesn’t support the Shader Model 3.0! You must try to run your game on low settings and and try this fix.
  • If you’re on Windows 10, try using Compatibility mode if you get crashes upon starting the game. Right-click on the FIFA 16 Demo exe, go to Properties, click on Compatibility tab, check the Compatibility Mode option and select Win7.
  • If you can’t launch the demo install, sometimes is better to deactivate your antivirus until the install is complete.
  • Try running System File Checker or start your computer with a Clean Boot if you still encounter issues with starting the game!
  • For NTDLL.DLL FIX, E0001 FIX, NO ERROR FIX, SYSTEM .DRAWING ERROR FIX or CLR20r3 FIX visit these two threads, here and here.
  • If the demo doesn’t launch on your notebook go to \Origin Games\FIFA 16 DEMO\fifasetup, right-click on fifaconfig.exe and select”Run with graphics processor” then choose your graphic card, in this case nVidia. If you don’t see that option learn here how to enable it. Note that this is ONLY for notebook users!
  • If your FIFA 16 demo crashes at start try to go to the My Documents folder select the FIFA 16 Demo folder move it to the desktop and try starting the game again.


This post will be constantly updated with new fixes and workarounds! If you want to report a bug just post it bellow specifying your platform.

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  1. I need your help. I have huuge lags, cant event start a game but my PC is better then recommanded. Have u got any other tips? I have tried everything from here. Thanx

  2. After language selection,after all the animations,when messi’s pic appears then my game crashes.Please help.

  3. Have you updated your graphic card drivers?

  4. My pc specs are AMD FX Vishera 6300, GPU AMD Asus R7 265. and 8GB ram. My Fifa 15 going at 60 fps at full hd and high quality, but in Fifa 16 demo i cant even load the game to the messi screen, cause its lagging so much even if i set the lowest setting and lowest resolutions. My memory is free and everything is alright, but only Fifa 16 demo cant run well.

  5. Yes I did.
    Edit: My pc specs are AMD FX Vishera 6300, GPU AMD Asus R7 265. and 8GB ram. My Fifa 15 going at 60 fps at full hd and high quality, but in Fifa 16 demo i cant even load the game to the messi screen, cause its lagging so much even if i set the lowest setting and lowest resolutions. My memory is free and everything is alright, but only Fifa 16 demo cant run well.

  6. Did you tried to create a game profile with RadeonPro and optimize the game?

  7. Yes I have also tried RadenPro profile.

  8. Did you disabled Origin in-game?

  9. Yes I did. 😀 I rly dont know where is the mistake. I have tried everything what is here. If u help me with that I will buy you a full game 😀

  10. I don’t need the game mate. I’m just here to help you out enjoy the game, you can always donate towards our site expenses if you really think you got helped.

    But until then please try this: Go to C:DocumentsFIFA 16 Demo, open the fifasetup.ini and change the RENDERINGQUALITY to 0 and save.

  11. Yep, I know that im telling always the same, but I also tried Renderingquality to 0 and others specs change to 0, but nothing worked. Maybe my PC just dont want let me play this game.

  12. Try this, go to C:DocumentsFIFA 16 Demoinstance0, remove (don’t delete) the replay0.bin and create a “text document”, rename to replay0.bin and set it to “read-only”.

  13. Cant start the game. It shows E0002 and Fifa 16 cant be launched becouse folder with documents is set to read-only. And if I untuck the read-only on that replay0.bin and start the game, the problem is here again. Huge lags after language select (in ea sports ilustration and then lags never end)

  14. I’ll keep looking for fixes mate. If I find something I’ll let you know here.

  15. Ok dude. I rly appreciate that. GL and Thank you.

  16. When my game starts i get a black screen and sound keeps on playing in the back. I am able to use my controller but can’t see anything on the game screen cauze of the black screen. I am having the same problem on my FIFA 15. This happened after installing Windows 10 (fresh install) on my system. Earlier FIFA 15 used to work fine on my old Windows 8.1
    My Config is: Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.40 GHz (8 CPUs), 8Gb Ram, Windows 10 Education 64-bit (10.0, Build 10240), NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M Graphics Card along with Intel HD Graphics 4600.
    Please if you can help then it would be great
    Thanks in advance

  17. is there a way to save controls settings, difficulty and all that stuff without redoing them every single time I open the game ?

  18. My game crashes after the intro(when messi’s pic comes).please help.
    it crashes after intro sot there is no windows media player problem.

  19. Dude, I have also find that my CPU is by 95% usage while playing (or trying to launch 😀 ) Fifa. So…

  20. Man I’m getting micro-stuttering no matter the settings, it’s really frustrating

  21. I can’t open it, GTX 970, I7 4790K

  22. Man the game is not responding on the startup….where fifa 16 has been written it just not going further and has been stuck there…..please help anyone

  23. I have this problem, my friend. The original game contains the same problem. I from of são paulo city, Brazil, ea is disdain us.

  24. I have so many problems whenI launched the game ..

    First, I’ll describe my setup:

    i5 2500k, 8GB Ram, Nvidia 550GTX 2X (I run the game in SLI)

    So in terms of problems, the game starts when he wants… most of the time I get the message “the program stopped functioned”

    When it starts I play 60fps (30fps for cinematic, but that’s okay). But it’s strange that I have players with black faces (Florenzi from Roma have black face ahah and many players too!), I installing and uninstalling the game, update all my drivers (really all) up to date DirectX with such visual thing and everything.

    But it still is got really problems, I can get used to it, the real problem is that the game crash at any time, I mean when there is a cutscene, 1 times 5 the picture freeze and I have no choice to ALT F4.

    I’ve do your step for SLI

    But even after that I’ve always had trouble launching.

    I take very care of my computer, I have neither of viruses and spyware, my drivers are up to date, I find it incredible to sell a product that is not really playable, I didn’t buy this configuration in a Wallmart …

    Please help me.

    And sorry for my english, i’m a fucking french haha 🙂

  25. Please Help Damien, my game (not the demo) stopped working on language selection page. I try to reactivate the windows media player but it still not working. my direct x and graphic card driver are up to date, my rig pass the minimum requirement. Please help. i will really appreciate it. thankyou

    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: fifa16.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 55fc7502
    Fault Module Name: fifa16.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 55fc7502
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 0000000003c3788a
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 7df2
    Additional Information 2: 7df2559f77f88b8097c34cbbec233de6
    Additional Information 3: 0e78
    Additional Information 4: 0e78a435ab7ddfea003b9d9565b50c0f

  26. my game runs fine for 20 minutes or so but starts lagging heavily there is no heat specs are intel i7 5500u 2.4ghz 8gb ram AMD radeon R5 M330.

  27. i hav the same problem pls reply

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