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FIFA 14 Next Gen Scoreboard & Popups Patch

We have a special patch for you today made by our newest team member, Evolution, who created the Next Gen Scoreboard & Popups for FIFA 14 PC!

The patch is online compatible and works with saved careers!

Please read the “Read Me” file to install the patch correctly!

About Damien

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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. Can it work on the original FIFA 14

  2. all ready done it with moddingway

  3. Moddingway is not suppose to have it. That Blancos guy is posting without my permission and without credits.

  4. pretty good mod

  5. but we r getting the mods now it does not matter…!!

  6. Of course, it is compatibile with online mode.

  7. And thats why i am not going release my work anymore, if its going to get stolen.

  8. Hi Mate, please tell me how to uninstal this Mod, i wanna back to the FIFA 14 PC original scoreboard and popups.

  9. Delete the overlays folder from FIFA 14Gamedatauigame and regenerate with File Master 14!

  10. how to get my camera back to original?

  11. Damien,Can I use my own patch this patch?

  12. one problem im having is idk where to put the downloaded folder or use file master please help

  13. file master is not getting installed
    when i click on the setup, a cmd window opens up for one second and then goes
    after that nothing happens
    please help!!

  14. Why don’t look stadium in the up? Or gallery reality?

  15. How to regenerate? Sorry if this is dumb q!

  16. Please make a popups and scoreboard overlays of fifa 15 for fifa 14

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