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UEFA Champions League 12/13 Adboards V.2.0

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAfter watching some UEFA Champions League Round of 16 matches, I noticed that they changed the adboards again like in last year’s Round of 16. This time they added the electronic version of their adboards to the static version from the group stages.

Thanks to Revolution Mod 13 V.1.2 we can now assign the eletronic adboards version to the stadiums with LED adboards (Juventus Stadium, Etihad Stadium, etc) while the static version of the adboard will work with the rest of the stadiums that don’t use the LED adboards. Also the German and Turkish teams still have their own UCL adboards as you can see in the cover above.

The patch has 4 different adboards:

– UCL Adboard (Static Adboards)
– UCL Adboard (Electronic Adboards)
– UCL Adboard for German Teams (Electronic Adboards)
– UCL Adboard for Turkish Teams (Static Adboards)

Read the “Instructions” file to install the patch correctly!

Note: Now the Revolution Mod 13 codes will be introduced automatically in your stadium.lua thanks to a batch file!

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  1. How to use the Revolution mod to install faces and kits?

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