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.:: FIFA 13 News Roundup ::.

Since the official announcement of FIFA 13 we have found many reviews on the upcoming FIFA title and we will share them with you today!Also we have five exclusive pics of the teaser trailer of FIFA 13!

Let’s start with a serie of gameplay reviews of FIFA 13:

FIFA 13 Gameplay (UltimateFIFA)

FIFA Soccer 13 Preview (OperationSports)

Fifa 13 First Look (FVPA)

FIFA 13 Preview: A Final Flourish? (EuroGamer)

Next we have two interviews,one with Andrew Wilson,EA Sports vice-president and a video interview with the FIFA 13 producer,David Rutter:

– Andrew Wilson: EA Sports president: People told us just to copy PES (GamesIndustry)

-David Rutter: Interview starts at 3:35


In our first FIFA 13 article we said that EA Sports held a secret FIFA 13 showcase where many popular fifa youtubers were invited to try FIFA 13 for the first time.Well they tried it and here are their thoughts on the game:




And as we promised you at the beginning of this post here are the five exclusive pics of the FIFA 13 teaser trailer that will be launched in June:

Source: GoldToothCreative (The same company that made the FIFA 11 Teaser & Trailer)

And last but not least,EA Sports is organizing a playtest of FIFA 13 on 22/23/24 May in Guildford,England.So if you live near that area don’t miss this chance!Here you can apply and get more details on the playtest:

Join Our FIFA 13 Playtest – Guildford, 22/23/24 May

Cheers and stay tuned for more FIFA 13 news on FIFA-Infinity.com!

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  1. great news! PSG get 16-cams again, the list
    4864 – Ronan Le Crom
    49370 – Thiago Motta
    53405 – Maxwell
    117063 – Nicolas Douchez
    138445 – Diego Lugano
    157393 – Mohamed Sissoko
    160766 – Jérémy Ménez
    176600 – Kévin Gameiro
    178111 – Milan Biševac
    191180 – Javier Pastore

  2. Also Sánchez and Messi get those 16-cams… (officially pics!)

    Unofficially they say 300 clubs will be done, but I don’t think so. They say players who you might not know will be realistic as well, so maybe in movement or in faces or in both! FIFA will blow PES away this year (again) by completing these objectives!

  3. Hey guys!

    I’m just wondering that Fifa 13 is available to Pre-Order in the Origin for 50 euros.

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