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.:: Sunday Web Roundup ::.

This week’s Sunday Web Roundup is finally here!We had a big surprise this week from Rinaldo who released the first beta of the Creation Master 12 that you can download bellow with other great patches that were released this week:


.:: CM12 – Beta 4 by Rinaldo ::.


.:: FC Poli Timisoara in CRLP 12 by aRgonel & LoLo17::.

.:: Barclays Premier League 3D Logo by Editing Generation ::.

.:: La Liga Spanish 3D Logo by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Ronaldinho & Eto’o Face Update by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Aimar & Honda Face Update by Editing Generation ::.

.:: PSG Face Update V.1 by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Adidas Referee 2012 Kitspack by Synek19 ::.

.:: England Leagues Logopack by Robse ::.

.:: Eredivisie Logopack by Robse ::.

.:: Premier League Flagpack by Zhivko Stanchev ::.

.:: Red Bull Salzburg Kitpack 2011/2012 by rapidler1 ::.

.:: SCN FIFA 12 Turkish Spor Toto Super League v.1.4 ::.

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  1. SCN FIFA 12 Turkish Spor Toto Super League v.1.4 dosn’t work ! I have an error when I try to launch the game (with patch). Can you ask Mateja & Gokhanka for a solution ? I’ve seen lot of persons with this problem.

  2. when I trying to open the CM12 I got error : unavailable to find fifa 12 registry

    what I should to do ?

  3. I’ve the same problem with CM12 , is it working with windows 7 -64 bit or what’s the problem ???

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