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.:: No Turkish & Czech Leagues in FIFA 12? ::.

After the last actions taken by UEFA against the corruption in the Turkish League and the higher costs of the licenses for the Czech league,EA may not feature these 2 leagues and their national teams in the future release of FIFA 12.

The corruption sport scandal that took place in the Turkey this month may affect their football league presence in the future title of FIFA since many teams from the first league we’re involved in the scandal.After UEFA decided to ban Fenerbahce from this year european competitions,the rumor about not having the turkish league in FIFA 12 may come true.One thing for sure that we know is that the new president of the Super Lig have decided to remove all the teams from any simulating games until the scandal comes to an end,that includes FIFA 12 and PES 2012 as well!For now EA is trying to renegotiate the licenses again with each team from the Super Lig!In case they wont make it(because it takes time to discuss and sign the lincenses contracts),it will be more than sure that we will have no Turkish League in FIFA 12!But if they make it,we may have something similar to the Brazilian League,where some teams are unlicensed but the league is there!Let’s hope for that!

On the other side,the Gambrinus Liga (Czech League) license was more expensive this year and EA couldn’t arrive to an agreement with the Czech Football Federation for now!It looks like the czech officials have asked the double price for their licenses (league & national team) unlike the previous years!In fact this was a big surprise for EA since FIFA is very popular and well sold in Czech Republic because the piracy rate is very low there.EA is still trying to negotiate the licenses since the league and the national team is already in FIFA 12!We still have 1 month until the full release of FIFA 12 so let’s hope they will reach an agreement because it’s a pitty to lose a league like the czech one!

One team that we wont see for sure in FIFA 12 is the national football team of Wales!Yes,Wales won’t be available on FIFA 12 and that was confirmed by Keith Hennessey, publicist for EA speaking studio who said:

“Unfortunately the Welsh national team will not be in Fifa 12.

“The inclusion of national teams is negotiated between EA and each national football association, which we need to license with individually.

“Licensing teams and leagues is a business decision based on market size and limited resources.

Including Wales is something we would certainly look at in the future.

Even if EA is losing licenses they dont just stand and watch,we have heard some “rumors” about new teams and maybe a new league to be added in FIFA 12 but nothing can be confirmed at the moment!

So fans what do you think about this?Will the Turkish & Czech league be removed in FIFA 12?

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  1. But what about ower league…Liga 1 …why we can not be included ? There are many leagues wich are under ower league …why we can not be ? Still wait for your answer .

  2. i’m from turkey and İf won’t be turkish spor toto super lig , i don’t play this game anymore.

  3. Turkish league is a league with good team and players and she is already in fifa so maybe producer of fifa maybe overlook this time.In Italy was Similar cases and Serie A is stiil there so Turkish league and Czech league is better if these leagues to continue to be in fifa

  4. All leagues that were present in FIFA 11 will return for FIFA 12.

  5. ptk you mean Romanian league?

  6. All the three NTs will be in Euro 2012. 😉

  7. 2 unnecessary leagues in FIFA12. I think EA can put 2 more leagues from England because Czech Republic and Turkey league is boring.

  8. i want Turkish super league in fifa 12

  9. Put Croatian and ukrain league.czech league is so boring i have never play it.Turkey league is good but Croatian league is better.

  10. Are you serious about that Andre !
    Crotian league ? may be put in Fifa 12 but Turkish League is better than it , no discussion anymore !

  11. i hope they dont take the turkisk league out has good teams and good players (simao,quaresma,niang,guti etc)

    as for the czech league i couldnt care about them there rubbish…replace them with the ukrainian league bring in shahktar donetsk,dinamo kyiv and others!!! good players in there league

  12. Need some from south america to give the game a little bit more of fun. Who plays with the czech league? is too bad.

  13. they should add the argentine league. its pretty good. who needs the czech league? have u seen there teams? pretty bad with low stats of the players. so set aside the other two leagues and this one. cause i bet.. it’s pretty cheap. also add the greek league. they have a few skilled good players too. please make a change and think about this.

  14. Ukrainian league is 8th there : http://uk.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/country/index.html . So I think,that you should incloud our league in your game.Please.)

  15. I’m Czech. As much, as I would love to have our own league in FIFA I have to admit, that czech football sucks now.. 😀 We’re playing shit, but we used to be one of the bests.

  16. I’m a huge fenerbahce fan, and I’d like to say I’m boycotting fifa till the turkish league is present!

  17. yo dont hate on the czech league…there is a team in the champions league and sparta praha is a pretty decent team. Ukraine is full of criminals so no wonder EA isn’t getting the license. EA hates on the “lower” leagues even though the players are pretty decent, while other leagues like the MLS get better stats. plus the czech national team still has really good players…its the coaching staff that needs to be sacked

  18. I am a big FIFA fan and i tell you this is a real shame what has happend i hope they can get it fixed for FIFA 13

  19. I am a huge Fifa 12 Fan as well, not a turkish league or Czech fan but I don’t think this is fair to turkish and Czech fans. its one thing punishing the clubs involved but its another punishing the fans. Seria A had the same issue with AC MILAN, Juventus and a few more teams and yet the league was still there. If the league is removed atleast include the top clubs from both leagues. There are very good players in turkey. If removing the league is the case atleast fight for the players license and make them available in free agency so that ea fans can play with their favorite players that are already in the database. Also if ea is removing the Turkish league and Czech league They should include two new leagues maybee the Romanian and Geek leagues. I still dont understand why Dinamo Kieve & Shaktar are not in the game? the rest of the world league could be so much bigger. it should have atleast 20 teams in there. I’m sticking with fifa 11 if this is the case. The game was great why downgrade to less leagues and players for fifa 12? EA can do all the improvements they want to the game but when you remove leagues and players and dont replave them with others it defeats the purpose of the game. To play with your favorite Club and league. Less leagues – less players = Negative rating no game

  20. Poland, Sweden, Norway have their championships in FIFA 11, but why Romania doesn’t have? There are many interesting teams and with many fans ! There are a high difference of value beetween this championships… At least, Romania has 4 teams in groups of UEFA competitions this year ( 3 in UEL and 1 in UCL)

  21. Dear EA Sports Authorities,

    We have learned that FIFA 12 will not include Spor Toto Turkish Super League. It’s a very disappointing decision for all Turkish EA Sports FIFA players. We are estimating millions of players are playing EA Sports FIFA games in Turkey and we are very upset about this decision.

    This decision of EA Sports, whose game FIFA is being played by millions, is not acceptable by Turkish FIFA players. We are being aggrieved by this decision.

    Additionally, Galatasaray shouldn’t be the only team which is included in game. Because many other teams has world class players in their squad, such as Fenerbahce and Besiktas. Also we see that UEFA Champions League participant Trabzonspor and 2009-2010 season’s champion team Bursaspor is not added to game and it is a shocking news for us.

    As you know, in Besiktas’s squad there are world class players, such as Quaresma, Simao, Almeida, Fernandez and Guti and also Fenerbahce has Alex, Niang, Emre, Stoch and they are being respected by many football authorities. Omitting these players in club modes will be a big loss for both Turkish and worldwide players.

    We hope, you can solve this problem in this one month period and you will add these teams to FIFA12.

    We all EA Sports FIFA series fans hope that you will make contact with competent places about this problem and you will not convict us to play Pro Evolution Soccer.

    Yours sincerely,

    EA Sports FIFA fans.

  22. this is absolutely bollocks mate. how can fifa 12 remove the turkish league when our league is one of the best leagues in the world with competitive matches such as galatasaray against fenerbahce or besiktas against trabzonspor. And why isn’t Fenerbahce in the rest of the world section if Galatasaray is???? if this rule applies i will move to Pro evolution soccer. Its really disgusting to hear such thing acknowledged by Fifa 12 as i have been playing it since the year 2000 !!!

  23. I think this is the worst thing I ever seen in ea bc Turkish leage was in 11 but not 12 don’t make any sense to me i know the situation about fenerbahce in turkey but who cares about fenerbahcE? And you think this is fear for the rest of the Turkish teams ? I’m trabzonspor fan and were in champions league but not even in the FIFA 12. And I don’t think I’m not gonna buy it this year bc if this.

  24. I will not buy this game if they don’t have the Turkish league. There are close to 80 million Turks and FIFA will loose slot of business.

  25. I will not buy this game if they don’t have the Turkish league. There are close to 80 million Turks and FIFA will loose slot of business. I have loved playing FIFA since 98

  26. Please,put the Romanian League in FIFA 2012 🙂

  27. The Czech league is in the game because they needed EU teams to make up the champions league and Europa league portions of the game. Now taking them out all togther may not be the best move. Same with Turkey. I do agree Turkey should not be taken out for this reason and also because they have a lot of quality in the league as far as teams and players are concerned. IMO Czech league should be replaced with another EU league such as Greece or Ukraine. They are the top two leagues from Europe not currently in the game.

  28. You guys are stupid as hell….. Im a fan of fener and the Turkish league too….. Fifa tried their best to get the licenses of turkish league, but our new dumbass president rejected them until this whole motherfucking controversey with fener cheating is done. Blame the TFF. Blame those assholes

  29. Fifa leagues Turks in the league, FIFA, this is very very important to live in a major loss.

  30. Fifa will lose at least 10 million users. !

  31. Turkish league, the top 5 leagues in the world


  33. fifa should do something with it and take in the turkish leauge because they will miss much players, turkish leauge is one of the best leauge’s in the world 🙂 so if they dont have turkish teams on fifa 12 they will do a big mistake !

  34. iam not buying any fifa games until they get bring back the Turkish league.

  35. Folks, stop criticizing EA about the Turkish league. I do enjoy playing with Fenerbahçe, but if the Super Lig president said that all contracts were suspended, why are you still blaming EA?

    I can only imagine what a pain in the ass it is to try to negotiate contracts with each and every club independently (just like the Brazilian league, where I’m from), so if there is a problem with your local league, you should complain to them.

  36. Tbh you need to stop blaming EA for these leagues not being involved, its the league’s executives that have pulled there leagues out, due to the corruption of the Turkish league and the Czech league being too greedy, i’ll miss the Turkish league and the Czech(but not as much) but they should replace them with better leagues, like the Ukrainian or Argentinian.

  37. I am Czech, I have to tell me that gentlemen from the Czech football association with their requirements nepřekvapili.Nemá cost to EA sports is begging for a license of corrupt officials, I just missed the Czech league this year and replaced some jinou.Já personally still buy FIFA 12 without Czech League and the developers will support this unique game.

  38. I dnt understand much about the licensing but why hasnt fifa tried to get leagues in africa like the south african league. I mean they hosted the world cup in 2010 and has some great teams and players and yet they dont put the league in. Maybe instead of putting so many famous leagues how about trying out leagues in Africa. i know many people say they wont buy it but in the end they will cause fifa is an amazing game whether with the big leagues or not

  39. So,many people (especially) from Turkey write that won’t buy FIFA,cause the STT isn’t included in the game. If i remember right,STT wasn’t in the game before FIFA 07! Many write that buy this game since FIFA 98 etc!!! Pure FIFA fans…My opinion? Put argentinian league or another and in ROTW :galatasaray,fenerbahce,besiktas,trambzonspor,bursaspor,sparta praha(czech),slavia praha,victoria plzen and if possible shakhtar donetsk,dynamo kyiv,macchabi haifa,hapoel and a few more…

  40. Salam! i am also love TSLand fifa game series if fifa 12 hasn’t Turkey super leage i won’t buy fifa and i will buy pes because they hasn’t tsl in pes 2011 and i can understood they.

  41. Dear Fifa.
    I’m Turkish. Until this year, i’ve always been playing PES, but i think you did a great job with the fifa 11, but it seems senseless that the turkish federation does such a big thing out of it, and its sad to think that the Turkish League isint available in fifa12, could you at least make an update or something, when(if) the Turkish federation accept the terms ?

  42. I won’t play it anymore until they have added the Turkish League!!


  44. people that should understand

    Seriously man i bought this fukin game new no Turkish league i am like :'( i am not gonna play this game till there is Turkish league wot the hell only GS in Fifa 12 so MOIST -_-

  45. I’m czech and even though they put terrible attributes to the players in the czech league I still love playing for my city just like every true fan, so I’m gonna continue playing the older FIFA until this is resolved :))

  46. This is just stupid i already bought the game but its nit fair IN OTHER WORDS GET THE BLOODY LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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