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.:: FIFA 12 News Roundup ::.

We have lots of news for you today!This roundup post of FIFA 12 will contain videos,images and interviews that will show you more things about FIFA 12!

Let’s start with a new gameplay footage:

This week EA finally released the official german FIFA 12 cover that features Podolski from FC Koln and Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund!

New pic was also released at the end of this week featuring the italian super cup final between Inter & AC Milan:

We even have the first official FIFA 12 soundtrack!The song “Twisted Soul” by Pint Shot Riot is the first official soundtrack in FIFA 12!You may remember the band because they already had the song “Not Thinking Straight” in FIFA 10 soundtrack list!

And last but not least we have 2 special interviews!One with Real Madrid’s midfielder Kakà and one with the 2 english commentators of FIFA 12,Martin Tyler & Alan Smith!

Kakà Interview

Martin Tyler & Alan Smith

Thats all for today lads!More exclusive news will be released at the Gamescom in Cologne,Germany on 17th of August this year!


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  1. it’s something new for me becuase is more diferent is not like fifa 2011 more interesting and it’s more football , realistic , a new generation . Good job ea sport ! GOOD JOB FIFA INFINITY !!!!!!!!! see you next time

  2. andy grey is better than alan smith

  3. I’m excited, I look forward demo

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