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.:: FIFA 12 – E3 2011 Trailer ::.

New video has been released today by EA that shows the E3 presentation trailer of FIFA 12!


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  1. De abia astept sa apara, nu stiti cand se dau cerintele de sistem sau nu banuiti cam ce ar cere jocul ?

  2. pe PC nu va asteptati sa fie asa 🙂 doar stiti asta,nu?

  3. comentarii date de testeri


    BigZombieMonkey Spike Chapman
    Faces of both Arsenal and Chelsea look great and injuries seem to be pretty good too #FIFA12 still some bugs but this is pre-alpha

    New Kit selection is epic! Full player models now instead of just kit graphics. #FIFA12

    Adam_Bhatti Adam Bhatti
    First of all new intro to the game. First clip shows select player celebrating and warming up, then shows teams in tunnel. #FIFA12

    Adam_Bhatti Adam Bhatti
    Emirates Stadium has a lower swinging camera compared to Stamford Bridge, very nice #FIFA12

    Adam_Bhatti Adam Bhatti
    OMG! Seamless throwin’s! No cutscene! ball goes out, you chase it, pick up and throw! Even throw from way behind the line! #FIFA12

    Dave797 Dave Bryant
    Haha players now kick the ball back to the opposition after fouls/injuries. Lovely cosmetic touch. #FIFA12

    Adam_Bhatti Adam Bhatti
    Yeh, day time graphics are special. really impressed with the new filter #FIFA12

    Adam_Bhatti Adam Bhatti
    player rating screens after the game have real life pictures of players! Nice touch! #FIFA12

  4. One Word for things to come

    can’t wait…..can’t wait.

  5. bdL:

    pe PC nu va asteptati sa fie asa doar stiti asta,nu?

    Au spus ca anul acesta v-a fi la fel pe toate platformele, deci ASTEPTAM FIFA 12 !

  6. deocamdata tot ceea ce ati vazut e doar pe console(trailere,poze),in special pe xbox360
    iar dintr-un interviu(era doar in scris,as fi vrut video ca sa para mai plauzibil)spunea ca vor incerca sa fie cat mai identice
    in iulie vor fi detalii si despre pc,asa spunea un moderator de pe forumul ea

  7. can’t wait for fifa 12 on pc 😀

  8. E3 2011 live de azi
    microsoft live in 19 ore
    ea sports live in 22 ore
    ubisoft live in 24 ore
    sony live in 26 ore
    nintendo live in 42 ore
    apoi live tour,adica vezi cum joaca aia fifa 12 si alte jocuri

  9. se pare ca iti da si inregistrat pentru ca eu ratasem microsoft conference si acum ma uit la intreaga conferinta inregistrata

  10. fifa,madden si pga tour vor avea suport kinect
    am kinect la xbox,de abia astept sa vad cum va fi

  11. impact engine va fi doar pe xbox360/ps3

  12. FIFA12 Ultimate Team for PC too

    EASports FIFA Facebook:

    Kaka, Rooney, Lescott, Pique, Cahill, Benzema and more talk FIFA in an exclusive video on Origin.com.
    Pre-order FIFA 12 for a huge Ultimate Team bonus offer – only available at Origin.com. Available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in North America, and for PC in Europe at Origin.com. Outside North America, check out local retailers for the same great offer on consoles!

  13. the impact engine will available for pc too ?

  14. pe PC va fi fifa 11 de pe PS3/XBOX la fel a fost si fifa 11 ca si fifa 10 pe ps3/xbox

  15. Bravo dindi, ma intreb cat te-ai gandit pana ai tras aceasta super concluzie …

  16. Ser For assim Ta Bommm

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