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Three more days until the Euro 2012 Expasion Pack will be released by EA Sports and we collected new screens and videos for you to see how this official patch is like.

Let’s start with a new collection of screens from the new patch:

And the official cover of the expansion pack:

The producer Sebastian Enrique was asked some question on twitter by the fans and here we have some of his answers:

  • The DLC will not be accompanied by an update of the gameplay, nor on the Impact Engine. The DLC is based on the FIFA 12 engine.
  • There will be a demo available the same day as the launch,on PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • In the demo you can play with Spain or Germany in the kick-off and try the game modes offline.
  • No earlier access to the Season Ticket but 20% discount.
  • The DLC will be accessible through the main menu of FIFA 12.
  • Review languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish.
  • Menu DLC: Kickoff, Offline Tournament, Online Tournament, Challenges, and Shipping.
  • All 53 teams participating in the competition are available with players that are not available in FIFA 12 and with 8 official stadiums.
  • The database of Euro 2012 players is separate from the database of players in FIFA 12.
  • The online mode is the competition itself, you play games face to face in the group stage to final stage.
  • The tournament mode offline has no qualification. But you can customize it to play with any team.
  • The shipping method is an offline mode only. It is inspired by games on a journey across Europe.
  • Most kits (jerseys) teams are licensed and will be updated as soon as possible.
  • New shoes of the players for Euro 2012 are only available in the DLC and not in FIFA 12.
  • No new faces for players.
  • There will be no interaction between Ultimate Team and Euro 2012.

Credits goes to FifaGamersBlog for the list!

EA Sports released a video that explains how the Expedition Mode works:

And GameSpot released a preview of the Expedition Mode:

Next we have a video presentation of the new stadiums available in the pack:

GameSpot got an exclusive preview on the new patch and released a video that shows us the new menu and the new graphics of the expansion pack:

The guys from GamesRadar also got their hands on an exclusive preview of the Euro 2012 Expansion Pack by playing a match between Spain and Germany:

Finally you can check the trophy list here and the national team stats from the expansion pack here.

Last reminder for everyone: The expansion pack will be available as DLC for FIFA 12 on 24th of April for PC,XBOX & PS3 platforms!The expansion pack price is £15.99/€19.99/$25.99 (1,800 MS Points or 2,500 FIFA Points on PC)!


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