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.:: CONCACAF Regional Patch ::. *Updated*

Today we present you a great patch made by jschuck12001!The CONCACAF Regional Patch that will add and update many leagues from the North & Central America!

This patch brings together CONCACAF like EA should.Pick any team in the CONCACAF region and experience the opportunity to qualify and play in the biggest tournaments in the world.

:: Features ::
CONCACAF Champions League – Playable in career mode
Amway Canadian Championship – Playable in career mode
World Club Championship – Playable in career mode
2012 World Football Challenge – playable in career mode
CONCACAF Community Shield – Playable in career mode
Updated Rosters for CONCACAF, MLS and Mexican Leagues.
Updated MLS League – with 2012 expansion team Montreal Impact and 2013 expansion team New York Cosmos.
26 of CONCACAF’s Best and most historic teams.
New MLS 2012 league ADIDAS PRIME league and finals ball.
Accurate rosters for MLS, CONCACAF, and Mexico at winter transfer period.
Flags for all CONCACAF teams.
Banners for all CONCACAF,  MLS , and some Mexican teams.
CONCACAF Specific Balls
CONCACAF Scoreboard
Chants for all MLS teams
Chants for all Mexican teams
Some chants for Concacaf teams
CONCACAF specific Adboards
World Club Cup Adboards
Adidas Tango FIFA Club World Cup ball.
Real Stadium and Coaches names
Accurate formations and starting lineups
Absolutely no Euro leagues were touched or overwritten and this is meant to be an all inclusive database anyone can use to play in career mode.

:: Install ::
Run the setup,click go when the regenerator pops out and wait to finish regenerating!Be sure that the path of the regenerator points to your FIFA 12 folder (right-click on the regenerator and select path).

Download & install Revolution Mod 12: https://fifa-infinity.com/fifa-12-2/revolution-mod-12/

Don’t forget to regenerate after installing Revolution Mod 12!

If you already have RM12 installed don’t install it again and pass to the next step:

Go to FIFA 12\Game\data\fifarna\lua\assets\ and add these codes to:



Go to File —> Save!



Go to File —> Save!

In case you dont see the CONCACAF Regional patch try the next steps:
 1) Go to “My Fifa -> Edit -> Edit Squads -> Reset Squads”
 2) Regenerate using iard86 Regenerator (1st option)

The patch is not online compatible and doesn’t work with a saved career!

:: Chants ::

Downloading the chants is suggested, the MLS chants are very high quality.You can find them here.

:: Media Section ::

CONCACAF Regional Patch Preview


:: Credits ::
Jschuck12001  – Database, tournaments setup and structure, banners, flags, logos, etc.
regularcat – Adboards, trophies, kits, banners,balls etc.
Ravegreen – MLS Chants
Damien – banners,patch setup & support
DaKaTotal and www.fifa4fans.de – MLS Flags used to make banners
Darxx – MLS 2012 League and Final Balls
Danilo Pinheiro – CONCACAF Scoreboard
krisaju95 – Pele Face
adrizrace44 – World Club Cup ball
Ares – Mexican Banners
Skey – Kits
Taraji – Kits
Big Morty – Kits
New Maker – Kits
Edu32 – Kits
aLEx_10 – Boots
skeptik – patch support and beta testing
Razvan – patch support
iard86 for FIFA 12 i86 Regenerator
jor1980 for FIFA 12 Textures Editor
Rinaldo for Creation Master 12
scouser09 for Revolution Mod 12

:: Download ::

Part 1

Part 2

:: Download Update #1 ::

:: Updates ::
1. There was a corrupted dll file in the old dlc folder so this will fix that issue.

2. Updated qualifiers for CONCACAF Champions League to make them as they are in real life.  

Changes made to Qualifiers:
1.The winner of the canadian championship now gets a birth to the CONCACAF CCL.
2.1st and 2nd place teams from the Mexican Apertura and clausera get a birth to the CONCACAF CCL.
3. Winner of Mexican Apertura and Clausera get a birth to the World Football Challenge.
This makes all qualifying as close to real life as FIFA will let me make it.
Also I added to the UEFA Champions League and Europa League to Tournament Mode and you can find them under England.

:: Addon ::

This addon contains all the graphic files in this patch for the Graphic Switcher 12

Always read the “Read Me” file to install the patch correctly!

* You cannot re-upload this patch!You can redistribute this patch only and only using the link of the post! *

About Damien

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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. I just can see the names with the code name! No the real name if you understand me. How can I fix this?

  2. i worked well. but when played career mode in the second season the fifa 12 turn off by it self …..help me.

  3. Mario – what do you mean by “the codes” bro please explain.

    Mub – where were you at in the 2nd season? Are you using other mods? Were you able to load teh career back up and start playing again. I tested each CONCACF league thru 5 seasons.

    Eduardo – dont know what you mean by codes.

    Guys hit me up on my thread so I can better help you.

    My Thread

  4. Guys make sure you are deleting your squads file in “My Documents/FIFA and also resetting teh squads file in the fifa main menu, there is instructions on the readme. Also if you edited your profile prior to playing the patch its possible those edits could cause crashes so change the edits back to default. For Ex: I had someone who edited their formations in their profile and it cause crashes when they switched formations ingame. It is possible you may need a new profile.

  5. mario – you probably didnt delete your squads file in My Documents/FIFA fiolder.

    Also you need to reset rosters in teh main fifa menu before starting to play, all this is in the readme.

    Mub – who were you playing with and what were you doing when it crashes? Were you able to load teh career file uop again and play thru it. Are you using any other mods in FIFA?

    Eduardo – please explain about the codes, see my answer to Mario.

  6. This patch can only be played in the English language so if you see missing names etc then its probably because you choose a different language than English.

  7. @ jschuck12001 – I am also having the same problem that mub had. into my second season and before the WF Challenge at the beginning, the whole game crashes. I reset rosters as well as deleted squads file in My documents folder. don’t know what seems to be the problem? any suggestions would be appreciated.

  8. the patch works partly.. i have the leagues, but i don’t have the cups.. what should i do? i installed everything as it was written..

  9. Great patch Jschuck! Any plans on including USL and/or NASL teams to this patch. I think it would complete the North American club soccer exprience.

  10. Response

    Shron- I really dont know, unless you are using other FIFA mods that conflict or there is something in your profile causing the issue. Out of about 1600 download I only have you and mub that have had this issue. Who are you playing with? I will try to duplicate the crash and see if it happens on my end but I never had any issues with it in testing. Were you able to load your career after the crash and proceed past teh place it originally crashed? Mub never answered me on that so Im not sure if he fixed his issue or not but please let me know which team you used
    and if you could reload your career and pass thru the crash so I can help you.
    Crash – you either 1).Didnt reset rosters or 2).You have edited your profile and its conflicting with the patch, or you 3)Didnt regenerate properly, or 4) Your using a language other than English.

    Dire Strait – I would love to man but Im out of gas with making databases so maybe if I can get some people to help with the db I can put the canadian, USL and NASL in and fix the Open Cup so its the correct setup. You can always check my thread at http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=172627 to see what going on and also post any problems or questions. I know I will release some updated tables soon so you can play ECL and Europa in TM mode.

  11. Shron and Mub – I found the crash you were talking about. Ill try to fix quickly and only new tables are needed.

  12. my a-league and k-league was concacaf team name, but where is the concacaf squad,cup ? help me,it does not change

  13. Jschuck you and the team hav edone an amazing job with this patch. The chants really add a nice touch especially when playing in Seattle or Portland where there are more songs in the playlists.

    Would it be possible to convert the USL and NASL patches from Fifa 11 to Fifa 12?

  14. crash is fixed, new tables will be upped tomorrow and I also made the Canadian Championship a CCL qualifier as it is in real life. Also added UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup to Tournament Mode.

  15. no afc champions league ?? i saw a malaysia have make a mod with malaysia league,some singapore league team,pelita jaya(indonesia)

  16. gosh, i cant see the bALL…..

  17. probably was something about the re generating.. i installed fifa again, did everything from the scratch and it’s working great now. great work man. can’t wait for the UEFA CL, EL and SC!!!

  18. i want a belice club,alpha united (2011-12 ccl) and antigua usa (usl)also take part in 2012 cfu championship

  19. help ! i want malaysian pack + with concacaf … malaysian pack has extra spot..

  20. crash – Ill be uploading a small update soon and you need it or you will get a crash in the 2nd season. Somehow a DLL became corrupt.

    Sorry – hit me on my thread and make the teams and I will get you kits and make a CFU. Also I know Skeptik who made the Malaysian patch, hes good people. I would like to have all confederations represented but nobody has made the teams or players.

  21. The update and there to download, I fixed the dll error causing the crash in season 2 and I added some things as well.

  22. My fifa 12 crash with a grey screen after i click on PLAY, after concacaf regional patch..

    i made a fresh install, installed the original patch, then installed the update.. and after that installed rev mod.

    when i click on play.. looks like is starting grey screen for 1 second.. then crash to desktop.

    anyone can help me? im running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits, fifa 12(origin) fresh installed. no other mods or patch used.


  23. gator – its the rev mod, sounds like you put the text in the wrong area, I did this before and didn’t get a crash but got a grey screen on the arena and all stadiums. Try deleting the lua folder thats in FIFA 12\Game\data\fifarna folder and then regerating and see if that fixes it, if it does you can just download my lua folder which is already set up to use with my patch and the link is below.


  24. Gator – Gator – if you download my lua folder and put in the same path FIFA 12\Game\data\fifarna you must regenerate after you add the new lua folder.

  25. Hi jschuck12001, thanks for your answers, i tried both options and still the same.

    when i try to run fifa and it crashes to desktop, there is a file generated:


    i will try to find more information about this kind of error because cant be fixed with the common “crash dump fix” (deleting the replay0.bin, creating a new user on windows, etc..)

    my fifa uses GDFBinary_es_ES.dll (spanish) but on the language selection i can use any option for in game language(not commentaries, they still are in spanish).

    Could be that dll my problem?


  26. well, the error seems to be a new one for what i read on some forums…

    I did a repair installation for fifa 12 on my origin..after that game started fine, i played a few games. Then i tried to install the patch again.. i just installed the original patch, regenerate the files, and tried to run the game(not installing rev mod) and again the crash…

    So i will wait for more information of this crash dump error, i think is for my original language installation.. dont know!, thanks for the support i cant wait to be able to play this concacaf patch.


  27. Gator – Thats probably the issue, I didn’t make the patch in any other language besides English. Unfortunately man I don’t speak Spanish and as someone who I assume is Latin you know that google translate is no good so not sure how I would translate the patch although it probably makes sense being that 2/3 of the patch are Latin American teams.

    Crash dump – I use this sit all the time, zip your crash dump file then upload to this site and it will tell you the issues. This is how i found out I had a bad dll in my last version. Remember dont rar it zip it then upload.


  28. i can help you to translate and test 😉 .. btw i tried to read the dump.. but i dont understand anything hehe


  29. very funny now i got 4 fifa 12,malaysia,concacaf,world tour and romania version… i hope these 4 can compared to 1 file

  30. Gator – I know its not easy and I have no idea what most of the stuff on the report means as well but if you want you can copy the results to a word doc and upload and give me the link and I will check it for you.

  31. jschuck12001, Thanks!


    i uploaded the word to mediafire.

    Thanks again.

  32. Gator – It only refers to the fifa.exe which can mean anything. One thing I can tell you is that origin can cause issues. I have 2 installs of fifa because I cant oatch in Origin and Origin did so many FIFA updates a few weeks ago it started crashing my patch. Can you load FIFA without my patch and does it crash?

  33. no, if i load fifa without the concacaf patch, runs fine.. i installed the world tour, and runs fine…

    well, lets wait if there is any update about that error.. i will let you know if somebody on EA forums give me a hint!


  34. Gator – At this point I don’t know, I haven’t had anyone in over 3000 downloads tell me they could not be run the patch except for you and I have had many newbies post on my thread because they didn’t understand the re generator or they have edited profiles and other silly reasons. With all due respect the World Tour patch is nothing more than teams added to a database, its not even close to my patch in level of complexity. If your playing using the English language, and tried creating a new profile and you regenerated correctly and it still doesnt work then your the only person who I know of that couldn’t get my patch working. Sorry about that but you can try my next patch I will be releasing, it will contain CONCACAF and the 2nd best (Take a guess)region in the world with all leagues and tournaments.


  35. How to uninstal this MOD ?
    Plz i maded a big mistake.

  36. I want to ask only when squad update is geting out (for this patch) and how to return old scoreboards ?

  37. Ognjen19 – Its a full database, just like every other patch out there. Reinstall fifa, would be the easiest unless your good with fifa files and if that’s the case replace the db and loc folder with a new db and loc folder and delete all the graphics.

    The Squads for CONCACAF are updated, there will probably be no more squad updates.

  38. how or where exactly should i add the codes in the .lua files?
    anywhere? sorry, i’m not a pro in computers. thanks

  39. ok, ok, i know where to add the codes to .lua files but when i try to save the file i just can’t do it. it says “acsess denied”. what am i doing wrong?

  40. HOW DO I “ADD THESE CODES” in the Ball.lua???Do ia simply copy and past the text in the name of the folder?

  41. Omar and Sim – If you dont already have the revolution mod you can just download my
    premade lua file here http://www.mediafire.com/?kh9ei5merrwndwk and if you are just having issues adding to the mode you need to post for support in the mods thread here http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=173192.

  42. @ jschuck
    got the same error as Gator. Do you have already a fix for that?:)

  43. Thank you so much guys. You have made an excellent patch, It will revive my FIFA 12.
    Nice work

  44. Hey, it works great and have no more crashes. But does anyone knows how to chance the teams inside the new cups and tournaments? Like to chance Cruz Azul for América and start from the start in those tournamentes? What’s the file to edit?

  45. will this work for fifa 15?

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