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FIFA 11 PC | Crowd Tweaker

Another small tweaker tool, CROWD TWEAKER by MONKEYDRAGON for those who WANT TO REDUCE LAG. Just 1 click to DISABLE or ENABLE CROWD – the easiest ever. Enjoy to be “WE ARE 11″



* For Windows Vista/7 user, please set RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR .
– Install to FIFA 11 PC folder
– Click on CROWD TWEAKER icon on desktop to launch.

======HOW TO USE
1) Launch TOOL
2) Set FIFA 11 PC
3) Choose Setting (TICK or UNTICK “DISABLE CROWD”)
4) Click SAVE
5) Exit tool and Start GAME

+ DO NOT press SAVE while game playing.

Special thanks to fifasoccer.ru for FIFAFS Series


About Damien

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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. Hi, very goodtweak! Very useful…what about putting a 2d crow? Is it possible?

  2. Avatar photo

    Thanks mate, it seems impossible 😀

  3. I’ve been posting this on so many sites and it had to take ‘monkey dragon’ to produce this patch…hope to see more version. u’re the man…simply cool

  4. Ok, ok…thank you again for this great work! 🙂

  5. great job man! you rock 😀

  6. good job ;D now i have – lag I LOVE U MD KISS ME FUCK ME FUCK ME

  7. admin:

    Thanks mate, it seems impossible


    good job ;D now i have – lag I LOVE U MD KISS ME FUCK ME FUCK ME

  8. doesn’t work for me. I have made everyhing right but still not working? Any ideas why? Untick is disabled crowd and tick is crowd enabled? I have windows 7

  9. Avatar photo

    + Did you set RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR?
    + Did you install correct folder
    + Did you tick to disable and click SAVE

  10. i cant play without crowd too, and i run the game via administrator and i tryed to disable and click save and i have it installed on correct foldr

  11. u rock…..can u make a patch…for the pc game that will add some new celebrations….if thats possible…take this as a challenge…ill be most pleased

  12. Do you people think you can extract some files from the console version of World Cup Africa 2010 and create a patch with the world cup, with all of those wonderful stadiums, and those animations with the coaches?

  13. THIS SHIT DONT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Just a question : does this tweak work with the demo ? i wanna test it on the demo !

  15. It doesnt seem to work for me – what do you mean by “set” Fifa 11 pc?

  16. im using win 7 32bit

    Disabling the crowd is working
    but after the end of a match,the game crash.

    any idea whats going on?
    was playing on a manager mode.

  17. How to uninstall crowd tweaker??

  18. when i tick the box and save and exit. it does not work. I relaunched the app and the box had been unticked again

  19. CROWD TWEAKER ce face in joc ?

  20. Crowd Tweaker is making the fans dissapear in game.


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